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Books for Sale

These are books available for purchase at the library on July 26, 2022 .
We do not have the volunteers to handle mail-order sales - you must come in to the library if you want to buy a book.

These prices are negotiable, especially if you are buying several.

The title is hyperlinked to Google look-up, for further information on the book.
Price Condition
Rolling Thunder Jochmansl, J.R. Trd 3.00 vg
Node Book, The Dobyns, Zipporah P. Trd 3.00 VG
Sexual Healing Journey, The Maltz, Wendy Trd 1.00 VG
Do Dead People Watch You Shower? Bertoldi, Concetta Trd 1.00 Gd
Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore, The Cohen, Alan Trd 3.00 VG
Cosmic Keys Blackerby, M Trd 4.00 vg
Brad Steiger Predicts The Future Steiger, Brad Trd 4.00 Gd
You Can Have It All, for the 90's Patent, Arnold Trd 2.00 VG
Visions and Prophecies for a New Age Thurston, Mark A, Ph. D HB 4.00 vg/good
Fatima Prophecy Stanford, Ray HB 4.00 Gd
Broccoli- A Magazine for Cannabis Lovers Pmph 8.00 LN
Master Guide to Psychism Boswell, Harriet PB 1.00 Gd
Law Of One, The; Book IV Elkins, Don Trd 8.00 VG
Coming Golden Age, The Sumner, Dr. F. W. Trd 8.00 Gd
Fate of the Nations, The Prieditis, Arthur HB 8.00 VG
Becoming Yourself Engels-Smith, Jan Trd 8.00 VG
Dance While you Can - On relationships, feeling, and Family MacLaine, Shirley PB 2.00 VG
Psychic World Around Us Nebel,Long John PB 4.00 Gd
Life After Life Moody, Raymond A. Jr., M.D. PB 3.00 VG
Earthquake Generation, The Goodman, Jeffrey Trd 8.00 Gd
That Inconjunct-Quincunx Sakoian, Frances & Louis S. Acker Pmph 4.00 VG
Man's Eternal Quest Yogananda, Paramahansa HB 6.00 VG
Holy Science, The Yukteswar, Swami Sri HB 4.00 VG
Waking Up in Time Russell, Peter Trd 3.00 vg
Exploring Prediction and Meaning Through the I-Ching Oracle Granillo, Tony Jour 2.00 Gd
From Here to Forever White, Ellen Gould Harmon Trd 4.00 VG
Pearl Beyond Price: Integration of Personality into Being: A. H. Almaas Trd 6.00 LN
Picture History Of Painting, The Janson, H. W. & Dora Jane HB 4.00 Gd
Mystic Spiral, The Purce, Jill Trd 7.00
Power Deck: The Cards of Wisdom Lynn V. Andrews Trd 8.00 vg
Mystic Spiral, The Purce, Jill Trd 7.00
Rabbi's Tarot: Spiritual Secrets of the Tarot (Llewellyn's New Age Tarot Series) The Rabbi's Tarot: Spiritual Secrets of the Tarot, The Daphna Moore Trd 5.00 Gd
Celestial Raise; 'Tiers of Light' Pouring Forth from the Son Marcus HB 9.00 Gd
Living the Science of Mind Holmes, Ernest Trd 4.00 VG
Numerology -- the Complete Guide, vol. 2 Goodwin, Matthew Oliver Trd 7.00 VG
Law Of One, The; Book II Elkins, Don Pmph 6.00 Gd
How to Develop Clairvoyance Butler, W. E. PB 4.00 Gd
Law Of One, The; Book IV Elkins, Don Pmph 8.00 VG
Numbers as Symbols for Self-Discovery Vaughan, Richard Blackmore PB 2.00 Gd
Newmerology Newmont, Nick Trd 5.00 VG
Reason To Believe Clark, Michael PB 2.00 Vg
Numerology Made Plain and Simple Taylor, Ariel Yvon Trd 5.00 Gd
Simple spells for success : ancient practices for creating abundance and prosperity Dolnick, Barrie HB 4.00 LN
Tantra : the art of conscious loving Muir, Charles HB 5.00 LN
It Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True! Rhj Pmph 2.00 VG
Angel detox : taking your life to a higher level through releasing emotional, physical, and energeti Virtue, Doreen HB 3.00 LN
Fractal time : the secret of 2012 and a new world age Braden, Gregg HB 2.00 LN
Boy Electrician Morgan, Alfred P. Trd 8.00 VG
Numerology with Tantra, Ayurveda and Astrology Johari, Harish Trd 6.00 Gd
Koch Book of Tables michelson, Neil Trd 4.00 LN
Messages from Michael Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn PB 2.00 Gd
Handwriting Analysis for the Millions Sara, dorothy HB 3.00 Gd
Stress: Calm Answers for the Worry Worn Swindoll, charles Trd 1.00 VG
Practical Occultism In Daily Life Fortune, Dion Trd 5.00 Gd
More Messages From Michael Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn PB 4.00 Gd
Lilith Ephemeris 1900-2000 Ad Delpine Jay Trd 5.00 VG
Greek Way, The Hamilton, Edith HB 5.00 Gd
This Is Reality Davis, Roy eugene Trd 5.00 VG
Dalton's Table of Houses Dalton, Joseph G. Trd 2.00 Gd
Interpreting Lilith Jay, Delphine Gloria Trd 8.00 LN
Love Planets Abadie, M.J. and Bader,Claudia Trd 4.00 VG
Pocket Guide to Numerology Oken, Alan Trd 2.00 VG
Asteroid Ephemeris, The 1883 - 1999 Dobyns, Zipporah P. Trd 5.00 VG
Time Changes in the USA Doane, Doris Chase Spirl 4.00 VG
Gift of Prophecy, A Montgomery, Ruth PB 4.00 VG
Call to Glory Dixon, Jeane HB 4.00 gd
My Story Geller, Uri PB 4.00 Vg
Cave of the Ancients, The Rampa, T. Lobsang PB 4.00 vg
World Before, The Montgomery, Ruth PB 4.00 Vg
Singer in The Shadows Litvag, Irving PB 4.00
Living Prophets Delfano, M. M. PB 3.00 VG
Psychic Phenomena Bradley, Dorogy and Robert PB 3.00 vg
Agartha Young, Meredith Lady Trd 4.00 LN
Other Side and Back, The Browne, Sylvia PB 2.00 VG
Warrior of Shadows Conway, D. J. Trd 5.00 VG
Dream Warrior, The Conway, D. J. Trd 5.00 VG
Sanathana Sarathi vol 44 no. 8 Sept, 2001 Pmph 4.00 Gd
Boy Electrician Morgan, Alfred Trd 8.00 VG
Sooth Slayer Conway, D. J. Trd 5.00 VG
Life on the Other Side Browne, Sylvia Trd 2.00 vg
Out-Of-Body Experiences Mitchell, Janet Lee PB 4.00 GD
Power of the Soul Holland, John HB 4.00 VG
Sirian Redemption, The Tuck - Jenkins, Linda Trd 4.00 vg
Shadows and Elephants Hower, Edward Trd 2.00 Gd
Hymns to the Mystic Fire Aurobindo, Sri Trd 8.00 VG
Mind Parasites, The Wilson, Colin Trd 6.00 GD
Infinite Abilities Helstein, Ivy HB 4.00 VG
You Forever Rampa, T. Lobsang Trd 2.00 Gd
American Mystic, An Gurian, Michael HB 5.00 VG
House of the Spirits, The Allende, Isabel PB 2.00 VG
My Ishmael Quinn, Daniel Trd 3.00 VG
Were-Wolf. The Miller, John and Tim Smith (ed.) HB 7.00 VG
How to Read the Aura, Practice Psychometry, Telepathy and Clairvoyance Butler, W. E Trd 4.00 Gd
Priestess of Avalon Bradley, Marion Zimmer and Paxson, Diana L. Trd 4.00 VG
Finding Your Soul Durrett, Don Trd 3.00 VG
Phenomenon Browne, Sylvia with Lindsay Harrison Trd 3.00 VG
Whispers From Eternity Yogananda, Paramahansa HB 5.00 g/vg
Parapsychology Broughton, Richard Trd 3.00 VG
Ultimate Journey Monroe, Robert A. Trd 5.00 LN
Holy Bible Master Reference Edition (King James Version Red Letter Edition) Heirloom Family Bible Publisher HB 8.00 VG
Thirst For Wholeness, The Grof, Christina Trd 2.00 VG
Please Understand Me Keirsey, David Trd 1.00 Gd
ESP in Life and Lab Rhine, Louisa E. HB 5.00 VG
E.S.P. In Life And Lab Rhine, Louisa E. HB 4.00 Gd
Wheel Of Life And Death, The Kapleau, Philip Trd 3.00 VG
Celebrating the Male Mysteries Stewart, R. J. Trd 3.00 LN
Sun Rises, The Stelle, Robert D Trd 8.00 LU
Vision Quest Drury, Nevill Trd 2.00 VG
Tales Of The Sexy Snake Kennedy, Jan Trd 8.00 GD
Chakras, The Leadbeater, C. W. Trd 5.00 VG
How to Meditate LeShn, Lawrene Trd 1.00
Key of It All, The Hulse, David Allen Trd 8.00 VG
Pagan Babies Johnson, Greg Trd 2.00 VG
Initiate, The Scott, Cyril Trd 4.00 LN
Goddesses In Everywoman Bolen, Jean Shinoda Trd 3.00 VG
Dance of Deception, The Lerner, Harriet Goldhor HB 2.00 VG
Feminist Tarot, A Gearhart, Sally Trd 2.00 gd
Philosophy of Time, A Reitmeister, Louis A. HB 8.00 Gd
Observing Ourselves Babbie, Earl Trd 1.00 VG
Intimate Journeys Bugenthal, James HB 2.00 vg
Sayings of Yogananda Yogananda, Paramahansa HB 5.00 LN
Magical World of The Tarot, The Knight, Gareth Trd 5.00 VG
General Introduction To Psychoanalysis, A Freud, Sigmund HB 8.00 Gd
Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians Webster, Richard Trd 7.00 VG
When God was a Woman Stone, Merlin HB 4.00 VG
Keepers of The Spirit Rainier, Charles HB 7.00 Gd
Stoned Images Hoefer, Hans Trd 5.00 Gd
Seven Arrows Storm, Hyemeyohists Trd 8.00 VG
Monkey Brain Sushi Birnbaum, Alfred (editor) Trd 3.00 Gd
Christ Book, The Hills, Christopher HB 5.00 VG
Living Buddha, Living Christ Nhat Hanh, Thich Trd 1.00
Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution, The Ouspensky, P. D. HB 4.00 Gd
Reclaiming Our Health Robbins, John HB 3.00 VG
Spiral Dance, The Starhawk Trd 2.00 beat up
Reiki Rand, William Lee Trd 10.00 LN
HallowQuest Matthew, Caitlin and John Trd 12.00 VG
Thorns of the Blood Rose Victor H. Anderson Trd 6.00 VG
Celtic Mysteries Sharkley, John Trd 4.00 VG
Dreams: Visions of the Night David Coxhead Trd 4.00 LN
Goddess Getty, Adele Trd 4.00 LN
Androgyne Zolla, Elemire Trd 4.00 LN
Alchemy, the Secret Art Stanilas Klossowski de Rola Trd 10.00 VG
Dictionary Of Symbols, A Cirlot, J. E. HB 3.00
Living Magical Arts Stewart, R. J Trd 12.00 VG
Celtic Twilight Yeat, W. B Trd 5.00 LN
Depression Ernst, Edward HB 3.00 VG
Complete Encyclopedia Of Natural Healing, The Null, Gary Ph,D. Trd 3.00 Gd
Your Perfect Right Alberti, Robert and Emmons, Michael Trd 3.00
Kant Scruton, Roger Trd 2.00
Essays and Aphorisms Schopenhauer, Arthur Trd 2.00
Beyond the Post-Modern Mind Smith, Huston Trd 3.00
Handbook of Philosophy Rosenthal, M. HB 4.00
Expansion of Awareness, The Osborn, Arthur W. Trd 7.00
Age of Reason, The Paine, Thomas PB 2.00
Being and Nothingness Sartre, Jean-Paul PB 5.00
War Diaries, The Sartre, Jean-Paul Trd 3.00
Ludwig Wittgenstein Hudson, Donald Trd 3.00 gd
Journey to Center Crum, Thomas Trd 4.00 vg
Lifemates Bloomfield, Harold H. & Sirah Vettese Trd 2.00
Philosophical Grammar Wittgenstein, Ludwig Trd 7.00 gd
Man A Machine La Mettrie,Julien Offray de Trd 3.00 VG
Call of Spiritual Emergency Bragdon, Emma Trd 3.00
Something More Breathnach, Sara Ban HB 3.00
Taking Responsibility Branden, Nathaniel HB 2.00
Point of Existence - Diamond Mind Series 3 Almaas, A. H. Trd 7.00
Pearl Beyond Price - Diamond Mind Series 2 Almaas, A. H. Trd 9.00
Biggest Secret, The Icke, David Trd 15.00 Gd
Conversations With My Healers Ploski, Cynthia HB 7.00 VG
Wellness Community Guide to Fighting for Recovery from Cancer, The Benjamin, Harold H. Trd 3.00 gd
Fear Cancer No More Emeka, Mauris Trd 3.00 gd
Twelve Days of Light, The Bonnell, Gary Trd 9.00
Nostradamus and the Millennium Hogue, John HB 3.00 vg
How to Make Your Life Work Keyes, Ken Jr. Trd 8.00 GD
Shadow Effect, The Chopra, Deepak, and Debbie Ford and Marianne Williamson HB 5.00 VG
Prophecies of Melchi-Zedek In The Great Pyramid And The Seven Temples Landone, Brown Spirl 5.00
Gathering Power Through Insight And Love Keyes, Ken Jr. Trd 10.00
Astrology of the Four Horsemen, The Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Trd 7.00
Man Against Himself Menninger, Karl Trd 3.00 Gd
If you Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him! Kopp, Sheldon PB 2.00 Gd
Man's Search For Meaning. Frankl, Viktor E. PB 2.00 Gd
Nostradamus Greene, Liz PB 3.00 Gd
Prophecies of Melchi-Zedek in the Seven Temples Landone, Brown Trd 8.00
Light Within Us, The Schweitzer, Albert Trd 2.00
Evolving Self, The Csiksentmihalyi, Mihaly HB 5.00 vg
Kierkegaard Anthology, A Kierkegaard, Soren HB 3.00
Who Am I? Frager, Robert Trd 3.00 GD
Spiritual Passages Leder, Drew Trd 3.00 Gd
Nostradamus Machovec, Frank J. HB 1.00 vg
Cutting The Ties That Bind Krystal, Phyllis Trd 3.00 Gd
Philosophical Investigations, The Wittgenstein, Ludwig Trd 6.00 gd
Blue and Brown Books, The Wittgenstein, Ludwig Trd 3.00 gd
Doctor And The Soul, The Frankl, Viktor E. PB 5.00 gd
Inevitable Grace Ferrucci, Piero Trd 4.00 gd
Bradshaw On: The Family Bradshaw, John Trd 3.00 vg
How to heal a grieving heart Virtue, Doreen HB 5.00 LN
Vagabond Prophet Symons, Allene PB 3.00 Gd
Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark Gardner, Laurence HB 5.00 LN
Varieties of Religious Experience, The James, William Trd 5.00 LN
Search For The Girl With The Blue Eyes, The Stearn, Jess HB 6.00 vg/good
Same Soul, Many Bodies: Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives through Progression Therapy Weiss, Brian Trd 3.00 Gd
Life Extension, A Practical Scientifc Approach Durk, Pearson and Shaw, Sandy HB 2.00 Fair
The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About Trudeau, Kevin HB 2.00 Good
Your Bodies Many Cries for Water. You are not sick, you are thirsty Batmanghelidj, F. MD HB 4.00 like new
You Are Psychic: The Incredible Story of David N. Bubar Noorbergen, Rene HB 5.00 VG
Mystical I, The Goldsmith, Joel S. HB 8.00 good
Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen Fox, Matthew Trd 6.00 VG
a living conversation Moyers, Bill Trd 5.00 VG
Bushman Shaman Keeney, Bradford Ph.D. Trd 4.00 VG
Beyond Stonehenge Hawkins, Gerald S. HB 3.00 good
Great Pyramid, The Smyth, Piazzi HB 3.00 vg/g
Natural Vision Improvement Goodrich, Janet Trd 6.00 GD
Homeopathic Medicine Smith, Trevor Trd 4.00 VG
More Natural Cures Revealed Trudeau, Kevin HB 3.00 Very Good
Some of My Best Friends Are Ghosts Holzer, Hans Trd 4.00 VG
Flight of the Seventh Moon Andrews, Lynn Trd 3.00 VG
Body Mind Spirit: Exploring the Parapsychology of Spirituality Tart, Charles T (ed) Trd 4.00 LN
The Labyrinth in Culture and Society: Pathways to Wisdom Attali , Jacques Trd 8.00 VG
Fifth Miracle, The Davies, Paul Trd 4.00 VG
Hauntings Time Life Books HB 4.00 LN
The Startling Discoveries of an Expert in Extrasensory Perception and the Occult Spraggett, Allen HB 5.00 Vg/G
Nature Of The Psyche, The Roberts, Jane Trd 3.00 good
Thirty Years Among the Dead Wickland, Carl A. Trd 10.00 Gd
Song From the Forest: My Life among the Ba-Benjelle Pygmies Sarno, Louis Trd 3.00 LN
Ghosts in American Houses Reynolds, James PB 4.00 Gd
Ghost Stories of Washington Smith, Barbara Trd 4.00 LN
I Believe in Ghosts Walker, Danton HB 4.00 Gd
UFO Phenomenon, The Time-Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Psychic Voyages Time-Life Books HB 4.00 LN
10,000 Dreams Interpreted: An Illustrated Guide to Unlocking the Secrets of Your Dreamlife Miller, Gustavus Hindman Trd 7.00 LN
Astral Projection Fox, Oliver Trd 4.00 Gd
Creating Health: Beyond Prevention, Toward Perfection Chopra, Deepak Trd 3.00 VG
Opus Dei: Who? How? Why? Romano, Giuseppe Trd 4.00 LN
Reflections On The Path Puryear, Herbert B. PB 4.00 gd
Echoes Of The Ancient Skies Krupp, Dr. E. C. Trd 4.00 good
Story Of Philosophy, The 2nd edition: Lives and Opinions of the Greater Philosophers Durant, Will HB 2.00 good
Perfect Balance: Ayurvedic Nutrition for Mind, Body and Soul Atreya Trd 3.00 VG
Beginner's Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine, A Shanbhag, Vivek Pmph 1.00 VG
Coming of Age in Philosophy Eastman, Roger (ed.) Trd 3.00 gd
Homeopathy: Medicine for the New Man Vithoulkas, George Trd 3.00 vg
Key To Your Own Nativity, The: Analytical Readings of Every Position in a Nativity, Based on Scientific Principles, 11th ed. Leo, Alan HB 4.00 vg
Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide Chopra, Deepak Trd 3.00 VG
Healing The Heart Chopra, Deepak HB 3.00 VG
Colors in the Wild Robinson, Howard Trd 4.00 VG
Birds: Their Life, Their Ways,their World Perrins, Christopher HB 5.00 vg
Beyond and Back Wilkerson, Ralph PB 4.00 F
Angel therapy handbook, The Virtue, Doreen HB 8.00 LN
Twelve Tissue Remedies Of Schussler, The: Comprising the Theory , Therapeutic Applications Materia Medica and a complete repertory of these remedies Boericke, William & Willis A. Dewey HB 7.00 VG
Phoenix cards : reading and interpreting past-life influences with the Phoenix deck Sheppard, Susan Trd 2.50 gd
Nature Of The Psyche, The: Its Human Expression Roberts, Jane Trd 3.00 good
Family of Woman Mason, jerry HB 3.00 VG
Tutankhamun: His Tomb and Its Treasures Edwards, I. E. S. HB 8.00 vg
Keys to Health: The Promise and Challenge of Holism Mein, Eric Trd 2.00 VG
Phoenix Cards, The Sheppard, Susan Trd 2.50 gd
Psychotherapy East & West Watts, Alan W. PB 3.00 VG
Studies of the Human Aura Kuthumi (Mark Prophet) Trd 3.00 acc
Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy, The Braden, Gregg Trd 4.00 LN
Sons of Heaven Wilson, Ernest HB 4.00 gd
Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna - abridged edition Nikhilananda, Swami HB 10.00 VG/acc
Astrology of the I Ching, The Chu, W. K. Trd 3.00 gc
Reader's Guide to the Great Religions, A Adams, Charles J. HB 5.00 gd
Interpret Your Chart Wilson-Ludlam, Mae R. Trd 4.00 Gd
Secret Language of Signs, The Linn, Denise Trd 3.00 VG
Astrology MacNiece, Louis HB 3.00 Acc
Spiral Dance, The: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess Starhawk Trd 2.00 gd
King Arthur, the Dream of a Golden Age Ashe, Geoffrey Trd 4.00 VG
Raw Foodist Propaganda Alexander, Joe Pmph 2.00 VG
Works Of Henry David Thoreau thoreau, Hend Dvid HB 5.00 VG
Out of the Silence Rhoades, James Pmph 3.00 VG
Selections From The Ars Amatoria And Remedia Amoris Of Ovid Ovid; Thompson, Graves Haydon (introduction,… HB 6.00 vg
Aeneid of Virgil Virgil (Translated By Rolfe Humphries Trd 3.00 Gd
Italian Witchcraft Grimassi, Raven Trd 10.00 VG
Wheatgrass Juice Manning, Betsy Russell Pmph 1.00 gd
Wishcraft Sher, Barbara HB 2.00 gd
Why Do Vegetarians Eat Like That? Gabbe, David A. Trd 4.00 vg
Enlightenment Transcripts Sutphen, Dick PB 2.00 Vg
Creation Of Health Shealy, C. Norman Trd 4.00 VG
New Bodies for Old Fear, Ralph Gordon Trd 3.00
Common Sense about Yoga Pavitrananda, Swami Pmph 3.00 VG
Secrets Our Body Clocks Reveal, The Perry, Susan PB 5.00 VG
History of Greece to the Death of Alexander the Great, A Bury, J. B. HB 5.00 Gd
Complete Stories and Poems Poe, Edgar Allen HB 5.00 Gd
Mary Baker Eddy Peel, Robert HB 5.00 VG
Sprouting Book, The Wigmore, Ann Trd 4.00 vg
Wheel of Eternity Greaves, Helen Trd 15.00 LN
Presence of Other Worlds, The Van Dusen, Wilson HB 8.00 VG
Mystical Qabalah, The Fortune, Dion Comb 3.00 Gd
Wholly Bible, The: What I intended by Jesus the Christed Hart, I.M. HB 5.00 VG
Jesus in Egypt: Discovering the Secrets of Christ's Childhood Years Perry, Pauyl HB 4.00 LN
Ruth Montgomery, Herald of The New Age Montgomery, Ruth and Garland,Joanne PB 3.00 VG
You Can Communicate With The Unseen World Sherman, harold Trd 4.00 Gd
Run With the Horses: The Quest for Life at Its Best Peterson, Eugene H. Trd 5.00 VG
My Life And Prophecies `eane and Noorbergen, Rene PB 4.00 VG
true experiences in communicating with the dead Ebon, Martin Trd 4.00 VG
My Name is Chellis & I'm In Recovery From Western Civilization Glendinning, Chellis Trd 4.00 Gd
Kitchen Witch's Cookbook, A Telesco, Patricia Trd 4.00 Gd
Born to Heal Montgomery, Ruth HB 3.00 vg
Millenium Book of Prophecy Hogue, John Trd 3.00 gd
Mind Detox Marshall-Warren, Deborah Trd 4.00 VG
Dear Sister, Once Abused Lynn, Victoria Trd 3.00 Gd
We've Had One Hundred Years Of Psychotherapy Hillman, James & Michael Ventura HB 5.00 Gd
Twentieth Century Prophecy: Jeane Dixon, Edgar Cayce Bjornstad, James Trd 4.00 vg
Sri Ramanuja Gita Bhasya Adidevananda, Swami (trans) Trd 7.00 VG
Gardens Of The Spirit: Create Your Own Sacred Spaces Jay, Roni Trd 3.00 VG
Mind Over Matter (Mysteries of the Unknown) Time-Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Powers of Healing Time-Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Dreams and Dreaming Time Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Transformations (Mysteries of the Unknown) Time-Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects Time Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Celestine Prophecy, The: An Experiential Guide Redfield, James and Adrienne, Carol Trd 3.00 LN
Time and Space Time-Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Cosmic Connections Time Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Phantom Encounters Time-Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Spirit Summonings Time Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Tarot Card Combinations Kelly, Dorothy Trd 8.00 LN
Bahir, The Kaplan, Aryeh Trd 8.00 LN
Modern Witch's Spellbook (Bk. 1) Morrison, Sara Trd 7.00 LN
Psychic Powers Time-Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Mystic Places Time-Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Yellow Emperor's Classic Of Internal Medicine, The Veith, Ilza Trd 6.00 VG
Zen in Your Garden: Creating Sacred Spaces Hendy, Jenny HB 5.00 VG
anointed: A Kabbalistic novel, The Halevi, zev ben shimon PB 5.00 vg
Memory Book, The Lorayne, Harry and Lucas, Jery HB 2.00 Gd
Sedona Sarseed: A galactic Initiation Mardyks, Raymond Trd 4.00 Gd
Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga, The Vishnu-devananda PB 5.00 VG
Liber Null & Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic Carroll, Peter Trd 6.00 VG
Spiral Dance, The Starhawk Trd 5.00 LN
Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology Robson, Vivian HB 10.00 VG
Sixteen Principal Stars, 1824-1948 Dalton, Joseph G. Pmph 5.00 Gd
Dhruva Gulur M.D. Boghossian, Peter Trd 5.00 Gd
Magical Household Cunningham, Scott and David Harrington Trd 5.00 VG
Marx Freud & Einstein: Heroes of the Mind Maier, Corinne Trd 5.00 LN
Visions and Prophecies (Mysteries of the Unknown) Time-Life Books HB 4.00 LN
Tree Medicine, Tree Magic Hopman, Ellen Evert Trd 10.00 LN
Yellow Emperor's Classic Of Internal Medicine, The Veith, Ilza Trd 6.00 Gd
Art Dream Collector, The Trd 89.50 U-Gd
Art Prospector, No. 1, 2011, The Pmph 26.60 U-VG
Art Collected Verse including And Then Re-Mold It [Paperback Pmph 26.00 U VG
Art Sign, Image, Symbol HB 22.00 Very Good
Art Following the Signs Trd 332.00 VG
Art Rose berries in autumn Pmph 60.00 U VG
Art Mass, !st Edition Trd 34.00 VT
Art Lights and Shadows HB 25.00 VG
Art Erotic Arts, The Trd 32.00 very good
Art Life Everlasting, The Trd 19.95 good - undamaged
Astrology Principles of the Uranian System Copy 120.00 Good
Astrology Simplified Horary Astrology HB 112.00 VG-
Astrology Astro-Economics Pmph 39.95 good
Astrology Prediction in Astrology Trd 41.00 VG
Astrology Interpreting Lilith Trd 19.95 LN
Astrology Interpreting the Aspects Velo 67.00 VG
Astrology It's Written in the Stars PB 45.00 Good
Astrology Ephemeris of the Moon 1800 to 2000 Inclusive ... a Supplement to the 200 Year Ephemeris, The HB 19.95 LN
Astrology Phrases and fragments for creative Astrologers Pmph 50.00 VG
Astrology Tao of Freedom Comb 50.00 vg
Astrology TECHNIQUE OF THE SOLAR REVOLUTIONS, The HB 40.00 good - highlighting
Astrology Planetary Tips for Trips Pmph 19.95 Very Good. Age fading on the edges of the cover.
Astrology Book of World Horoscopes Trd 39.50 gd
Astrology Modern Medical Astrology Velo 32.00 VG
Astrology Interpret Your Rays Through the Planets Trd 115.00 LN
Astrology Astrological Key to Character Birthday Book Pmph 107.00 Gd
Astrology Art of Horary Astrology in Practice, The Trd 39.00 VG
Astrology Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere Trd 19.76 VG
Astrology Astrologik-Interpretiv Art of Astrology, The Trd 99.50 Like New - Autographed
Astrology AFA Tables of Houses - Campanus System HB 40.00 good
Astrology Progressions in Action - signed by author Trd 35.00 U VG
Astrology American Ephemeris, The 1931-1980 HB 29.50 VG
Astrology American Book of Nutrition and Medical Astrology, The Trd 498.99 Good - crease on the lower front corner, wear alon
Astrology Astrological Mandala, An Trd 94.98 Good
Health Plant Remedy: Plant Spirit Shamanism and Healing, the, The Trd 14.95 LN - autographed
Health Secret of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, The HB 55.00 Like New
Health Raw Food Treatment of Cancer and Other Diseases, The Pmph 24.95
Health Curing IBS Naturally with Chinese Medicine Trd 29.95 LN
Health Golden Dawn Journal : Book III : The Art Of Hermes, The Trd 595.00 LN
Health Living With AIDS Trd 34.95 VG
Health Family Guide to Self-Medication Homeopathic Pmph 23.00 VG
Health Recipes For A Cancer-Free Lifestyle Pmph 19.95 Good
Health Choose to Live-An AIDS Healing Companion Trd 35.00 gd
Health Striking Thoughts:Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living HB 51.00 LN
Health Biochemic Handbook, The: How to Get well and keep fit with biochemic tissue salts PB 25.00 Gd
Metaphysics Remember HB 29.00 U-VG
Metaphysics mysteries of Eleusis: The secret rites and rituals of the classical Greek mystery tradition, The Trd 50.00 LN
Metaphysics Mystery and Prophecy of the Great Pyramid, The HB 35.00 Gc
Metaphysics Mystic Voyage Trd 20.00 LN
Metaphysics Religion-An Anthropological View HB 22.00 vg/acceptable - tears and rips in the dust jacket,
Metaphysics Nahjul Balagha Trd 79.95 Good
Metaphysics Notebooks of Simone Weil, Volume 1, The Trd 60.00 LN
Metaphysics Occult Principles of Health and Healing HB 150.00 VG
Metaphysics Occult Theocrasy HB 180.00 VG
Metaphysics On Contemplating God, Prayer, Meditations Trd 35.00 VG
Metaphysics Orders of the Quest. The Holy Grail HB 70.00 u vg
Metaphysics Pickingill Papers: The Origin of the Gardnerian Craft, The Trd 152.00 VG
Metaphysics Origin of Egyptian Symbolism, The Pmph 35.00 LN
Metaphysics Power of Psychic Awareness Trd 230.00 col-vg
Metaphysics Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO Connection Trd 40.00 Very good Autographed by author
Metaphysics Pathworkings of Aleister Crowley: The Treasure House of Images, The Trd 29.50 LN
Metaphysics Ramayana of Valmiki; Vol. 1, The HB 22.00 VG
Metaphysics Practical magic and the Western mystery tradition Trd 40.00 VG
Metaphysics Ramayana of Valmiki; Vol. 2, The HB 75.00 vg
Metaphysics Ramayana of Valmiki; Vol. 3, The HB 92.00 VG
Metaphysics Power of Psycho-pictography Spirl 29.99 Gd
Metaphysics Rampa Story, The PB 24.00 Good
Metaphysics Orders of the Quest. The Holy Grail HB 48.05 GD
Metaphysics Heads and Faces HB 250.00 VG
Metaphysics How Your Psychic Powers Can Make You Rich PB 45.00 Good
Metaphysics Inner Traditions of Magic Trd 95.00 VG
Metaphysics Inner Traditions of Magic HB 262.50 LN
Metaphysics Inner Meaning of the Hebrew Letters, The HB 54.00 VG
Metaphysics Inner Landscapes: A Journey into Awareness by Pathworking Trd 77.00 vg
Metaphysics Immortality, Ressurection, and the Age of the Universe HB 25.00 VG
Metaphysics How The Earth Saved My Soul: Nature Based Healing And Wisdom Trd 19.95 LN
Metaphysics High Magic's Aid Pmph 130.00 LN
Metaphysics Journeys Out of the Body HB 50.50 goo
Metaphysics Healing Power of Seashells: Gifts of the Sea, The Trd 26.00 LN
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Metaphysics Great Grimoire of Pope Honorius III, The HB 250.00 LN
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Metaphysics Golden Dawn, The Trd 130.00 LN
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Metaphysics Compendium of Alchemical Processes HB 112.00 VG
Metaphysics Gems from the Equinox: Instructions by Aleister Crowley for His Own Magical Order HB 625.00 VG
Metaphysics Heaven and Earth Trd 24.95 VG
Metaphysics Love of Learning and The Desire for God: A Study of Monastic Culture, The Trd 26.00 LN
Metaphysics Middle Pillar, The Trd 35.00 VG
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Metaphysics Masters and the Path, The HB 55.00 Good - includes the astrolabe
Metaphysics Magick of Thelema: A Handbook of the Rituals of Aleister Crowley, The Trd 403.00 VG
Metaphysics Magick of Thelema: A Handbook of the Rituals of Aleister Crowley, The Trd 399.95 VG
Metaphysics Magick HB 38.00 VG
Metaphysics Magician: His Training and Work, The Trd 50.00 good
Metaphysics Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development Set 650.00 VG
Metaphysics It can Happen To you Trd 22.50 VG
Metaphysics Magic, Its Ritual, Power And Purpose Trd 72.00 LN
Metaphysics Mineralogy for Amateurs HB 69.95 VG
Metaphysics Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints, Vol X HB 25.00 good
Metaphysics Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints, Vol 7, July HB 25.00 good
Metaphysics Life Model: Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You, The Trd 24.95 LN
Metaphysics Letters on Yoga:Vol 2 New CWSA Edit Trd 33.00 LN
Metaphysics Les enseignements qabalistiques de la Golden Dawn, tome 2 Trd 82.00 VG
Metaphysics La Voie du Phénix Trd 30.00 VG
Metaphysics King Solomon's Temple in the Masonic tradition Trd 31.99 vg
Metaphysics Key of Solomon the King, The (Clavicula Salomonis) HB 89.00 LN
Metaphysics Magic: The Western Tradition Trd 24.95 LN
Metaphysics Your Days are Numbered Trd 80.00 Good
Metaphysics Dead are Alive, The Trd 20.50 vg
Metaphysics devil's bookshelf: A history of the written word in western magic from ancient Egypt to the present day, The Trd 25.00 Gd
Metaphysics Enochian Workbook: A Complete Guide to Angelic Magic Presented in 43 Easy Lessons, The Trd 190.00 VG
Metaphysics Equinox of the Gods Trd 390.00 VG
Metaphysics Esoteric Lessions, three volumes Trd 60.00 LN
Metaphysics Complete Illustrated Book of the Psychic Sciences PB 21.50 VG
Metaphysics Upanishads: Principal Upanishads Trd 50.00 good
Metaphysics Rituals of the Dark Moon: 13 Lunar Rites for a Magical Path Trd 70.00 LN
Metaphysics Complete Manual of Occult Divination Vol 2, The HB 100.00 VG
Metaphysics You Will Survive After Death HB 25.00 VG
Metaphysics Yoga HB 35.00 Gd
Metaphysics World's Tragedy, The Trd 85.00 G
Metaphysics Witches' Way: Principles, Ritual and Beliefs of Modern Witchcraft HB 179.95 LN
Metaphysics Witches and Witchcraft HB 19.95
Metaphysics Way of Zen, The HB 99.95 good
Metaphysics Vedantasara of Bhagavad Ramanuja HB 150.00 Good
Metaphysics Evidence of Purpose Trd 189.00 C=VG
Metaphysics Book of Celestial Images: Angelic and God-form Images Trd 49.50 VG
Metaphysics A History of Indian Philosophy: Volume 1 HB 35.00 VG
Metaphysics A New Heaven, A New Earth Trd 125.00 VG
Metaphysics Along the Wheel of Time: Sacred Stories for Nature Lovers Trd 25.00 LN
Metaphysics And Her name Shall Be Martha Pmph 19.95 VG
Metaphysics Apocalypse Unsealed HB 90.00 Gd
Metaphysics Archangel Michael Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook Cards 54.99 VG
Metaphysics Becoming Gods II Trd 29.95 VG
Metaphysics Dancing with Witches Trd 300.00 VG
Metaphysics Body Signs Trd 99.50 VG
Metaphysics Curious Lore of Precious Stones HB 57.00 LN
Metaphysics Causal Body HB 32.00 Good
Metaphysics Cheiro's Language of the Hand HB 39.95 VG
Metaphysics CHURCH DOGMATICS Volume 3 Part 2; Church Dogmatics, The Doctrine of Creation HB 45.00 VG/Vg
Metaphysics Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic HB 298.00 Like new, still in shrinkwrap
Metaphysics Complete Magick Curriculum of the Secret Order G.B.G Being the Entire Study Curriculum, Magick Rit, The HB 315.00 VG
Metaphysics Complete Manual of Occult Divination Vol 1, The HB 220.00 VG
Metaphysics Far Journeys HB 38.00 LN
Metaphysics Beyond Ourselves PB 29.95 VG
Metaphysics Thirty Years Among the Dead HB 24.95 Gd
Metaphysics Tarot Speaks, The PB 48.00 VG
Metaphysics Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic,, The HB 550.00 LN
Metaphysics Secret Inner Order Rituals of the Golden Dawn, The Trd 60.00 Autographed, like new
Metaphysics Symbols of Numerology Trd 19.99 VG
Metaphysics Technique of the Master, The HB 45.00 Good - underlining
Metaphysics Sun-Earth-Man: A Mesh Of Cosmic Oscillations Trd 250.00 LN
Metaphysics Spiritual Research HB 499.00 VG
Metaphysics Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple Trd 130.00 LN
Metaphysics The Monastic Office Trd 50.00 Good
Metaphysics Search for the Soul (Mysteries of the Unknown) HB 150.00 LN
Metaphysics Thoth Tarot Deck Set 180.00 VG
Metaphysics Sex Magic Tantra and Tarot Trd 19.95 VG
Metaphysics Sayings of the Word Trd 85.00 LN
Metaphysics Rituels magiques Golden Dawn, tome 1 Trd 99.50 C-VG
Metaphysics Tibetan Book of the Dead (Illustrated Edition) HB 40.00 LN
Metaphysics Unfinished Symphonies HB 24.95 VG/Gd. The dust jacket has some rips and tears on
Metaphysics Twelve Layers of DNA: An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within (Kryon), The Trd 70.00 Like new, except froro the inscription
Metaphysics Secrets of Metals, The Trd 19.95 very good
Metaphysics Secrets of the Alchemists HB 20.00 LN
Non-Fiction Fraud in the Lab: The High Stakes of Scientific Research HB 26.00 VG
Non-Fiction Ethics of Killing, The Trd 25.95 VG
Non-Fiction Astrology Pictures Trd 24.95 VG
Non-Fiction Aristotle: Fundamentals of the History of His Development Trd 85.00 Good
Non-Fiction Biological Anomalies, Mammals I: A Catalog of Biological Anomalies HB 325.00 LN
Politics Biological Anomalies, Mammals I: A Catalog of Biological Anomalies HB 85.00 VG
Politics Sex Magnetism: HB 325.00 G
Politics History of the World Commonly Called the Natural History of C. Plinius Secundus or Pliny, The Trd 29.95 Good
Politics Islands of Fire, Islands of Spice: Exploring the Wild Places of Indonesia HB 8.00 VG
Politics Democracy is self-government HB 150.00 VG
Politics The Indian heritage;: An anthology of Sanskrit literature HB 225.00 Good
Politics The Mind of Edmund Gurney HB 59.95 VG
Politics Guide for the Perplexed HB 65.00 C VG
Politics Al-Kemi: A Memoir HB 40.50 VG
Politics A Sourcebook in Indian Philosophy Trd 25.00 VB
Politics Nikola Tesla: Physicist, Inventor, Electrical Engineer HB 65.00 LN
Politics Virgil's Aeneid HB 85.00 VG
Politics Druid Way, The Trd 19.95 autographed by the author
Psychology Guru PB 19.95 Gd
Psychology Balancing and Synthesis of the Opposite Pmph 39.95 Good - underlining with red ink. Does not cover t
Psychology Fundamental Conceptions of Psychoanalysis HB 49.95 VG
Psychology Function of the Orgasm, The Trd 19.95 Good. Spine is creased, front cover curls out. Pa
Psychology Love's Body PB 19.99 vg
Psychology Psychology of Ritual, The Trd 35.00 vg
Psychology Self-Realization and Psychological Disturbances Pmph 19.95 vg
Psychology Mind at Mischief, The HB 159.00 VG - no dj
Psychology Your Mind Net Spirl 70.00 VG
Psychology Journey into Wholeness: A Map for Living Life Fully Trd 30.00 Like New
Psychology Weve Had One Hundred Years Of Psychotherapy HB 26.50 Dust jacket has a 1 1/2 in tear on the top of the
Psychology Symbols of Transpersonal Experiences Pmph 35.00 Vg
Psychology Psychology of Woman and her Psychosynthesis, The Pmph 22.95 VG
Psychology Transmutation and Sublimation of Sexual Energies Pmph 99.00 col-good
Science Tribal Bigfoot Trd 20.00 vg
Science Tribal Bigfoot Trd 23.00 VG
Science Trance Mediumship Trd 35.00 VG
Science Parker Lifetime Treasury of Mystic and Occult Powers Trd 39.95 Gc
Science She Spoke to the Dead - The Life of Gladys Osborne Leonard PB 39.95 VG
Science The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research April 1976 (volume 70 number 2) Jour 19.95 VG
Science Post-Mortem Journal Trd 140.00 VG
Science David St. Clair's Lessons in Instant ESP HB 55.00 gd
Science Mystery Of The Human Double HB 35.00 LN
Science Journal of Scientific Exploration - SPRING, 1998 - Vol. 12 No. 1 Jour 19.95 Good
Science Magic Power of Your Mind HB 35.00 VG
UFOs Allagash Abductions: Undeniable Evidence of Alien Intervention, The Trd 45.00 VG - signed by author
UFOs Age of flying saucers: Notes on a projected history of unidentified flying objects, The HB 24.95 Good