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20 - Comparative Religion

20.1 African
20.2 Watts, Alan W.
20.3 Atheism
We Found Our Way Out Adair, James R. & Ted Miller (ed.) Look up
Lost Gods Allegro, John
Beloved Son: A Study of the Jesus Cults Allen, Steve Look up
Dancing Shadows: The Roots of Western Religious Beliefs Aoumiel Look up
History of God, A: The 4,000 Year Quest Of Judaism,Christianity, and Islam Armstrong, Karen Look up
Story of Sister Nivedita, The Atmaprana, Pravrajika
Racing Toward Armageddon: the three great religions and the plot to end the world Baigent, Michael Look up
Power Of Prayer, The Balakrishnan, Vilasisni (Editor)
Secret Life of a Satanist, The: The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey Barton, Blanche Look up
Story of Oriental Philosophy, The Beck, L. A.
Cult of the Black Virgin, The Begg, Ean Look up
I Am That I Am Bennett, Francis Look up
Values: An Anthology for Seekers Bennett, John G. Look up
Light at the Center, The: context and pretext of modern mysticism Bharati, Agehananda Look up
Omens of Millennium: The Gnosis of Angels, Dreams, and Resurrection Bloom, Harold Look up
Russian Nonconformity Bolshakoff, Serge
Trance Journeys of the Hunter-Gatherers: Ecstatic Practices to Reconnect wi the Great Mother and Heal the Earth Brink, Nicholas E Look up
Beowulf's ecstatic Trance Magic: Accessing the Archaic Powers of the Universal Mind Brink, Nicholas E. Look up
Spritual Crisis of Man, The ( Second Impression) Brunton, Paul Look up
Evolution toward Divinity: Teilhard de Chardin and the Hindu Traditions Bruteau, Beatrice Look up
Goddess, the Grail, and The Lodge, The: Tracing the origins of religion Butler, Alan Look up
Mysteries, The Vol 2: Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks Campbell, Joseph (ed) Look up
Do You Need A Guru?: Understanding the Student-Teacher Relationship in an Era of False prophets Caplan, Maria Look up
Majesty and Meekness: A Comparative Study of Contrast and harmony in the concept of God Carman, John B. Look up
Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning Carpenter, Edward
Religion May Be Hazardous to Your Health Chesen, Eli
True Hearth: A Practical Guide to Traditional Householding Chisholm, James Allen Look up
Manifold Unity: The Ancient World's Perception of the Divine Pattern of Harmony and Compassion Collum Look up
Sacred Writings of World Religions Comte, Fernand Look up
Hinduism And Buddhism Coomaraswamy, A
Salvation on Sand Mountain: snake handling and redemption in soouthern appalachia Covington, Dennis Look up
Hell: An Illustrated History of the Netherworld Craze, Richard Look up
Miracle Man of Japan Davis, Roy Eugene Look up
Afro-Brazilian Numerology: Awakening Your Btter Self with the Wisdom of the Orishas De Oxossi, Diego Look up
God Makers, The (Mormons) Decker, Ed Look up
Desert Wisdom: Sacred Middle Eastern Writings from the Goddess through he Sufis Douglas-Klotz, Neil (Transl.) Look up
Swami Abhishiktananda: Essential Writings Du Boulay, Shirley (ed.) Look up
Hymns of Zarathrustra, The Duchesne-Guillemin, Jaque (transl.) Look up
Essential Sacred Writings from Around the World Eliade, Mircea Look up
Myth of the Eternal Return Eliade, Mircea Look up
Quest, The: History and Meaning in Religion Eliade, Mircea Look up
Sacred and The Profane, The: The Nature of Religion Eliade, Mircea Look up
Two and the One, The Eliade, Mircea Look up
Eliade Guide To World Religions, The: Authoritative Compendium of the 33 Major Religious Traditions Eliade, Mircea and Couliano, Ioan P. Look up
Religion of the Future, The Eliot, Charles W
In Search of The Lost God: An Historical Introduction to the World of Man's Religious Beliefs Esmail, Mustak Look up
Sacred Sexuality: the erotic spirit in the worlds' great religions Feuererstein, George Look up
Spirituality by the Numbers Feuerstein, Georg Look up
Sorcerers Of Dobu: The social anthropology of the Dobu Islanders of the West Pacific Fortune, R. F.
Encounter with Oomoto, "The Great Origin" Franck, Frederick
Heaven: An Illustrated History of the Higher Realms Freke, Timothy Look up
Laughing Jesus, The: Religious Lies and Gnostic Wisdom Freke, Timothy and Peter Gandy Look up
Wisdom Stories for the Planet Earth Friedlander, Ira Look up
Sacred Writings of the World's Great Religions, The Frost, S. E. (ed.)
Gods of the Blood: The pagan revival and white separatism Gardell, Mattias Look up
Secrets of the Serpent: In Search of the Sacred Path Gardiner, Philip Look up
Avatar and Incarnation: a comparison of Indian and Christian beliefs Geoffrey Parrinder Look up
Faces in the Smoke Gersi, Douchan Look up
Women Saints East and West Ghanananda, Swami Look up
Mystics and Society Ghose, Sisrkumar
Storytracking: Texts, Stories and Histories in Central Australia Gill, Sam D. Look up
Foxfire 7 (American Mountain Religious Heritage) Gillespie, Paul F. (Ed.) Look up
Sacred Fire, The: The Story of Sex in Religion Goldberg, B. Z.
Changing of the Gods: Feminism an the end of taditional religions Goldenberg, Naomi R. Look up
World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors, The Graves, Kersey
Between Good and Evil: Polarities of Power Gray, William G. Look up
Sangreal Ceremonies and Rituals: Sangreal Sodality Series Vol. 4 Gray, William G. Look up
Sangreal Sacrament: Sangreal Sodality Series Vol. 2 Gray, William G. Look up
Gospel of Zarathushtra, The Greenlees, Duncan Look up
Deep Religious Pluralism Griffin, David Ray (ed.) Look up
Original Jesus: Buddhist Sources of Christianity Gruber, Elmar R and Holger Kersten Look up
God Revised: How Religion Must Evolve in a Scientific Age Guengerich, Galen Look up
Crisis of The Modern World Guenon, Rene Look up
King of the World, The Guenon, Rene Look up
Lord Of The World, The: Guenon, Rene Look up
Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power Guenon, Rene Look up
Japanese New Religion, A: Risshoo Koosei-kai in a Mountain Hamlet Guthrie, Stewart Look up
Oriental Treasures: Wisdom from the Great Inspirational Books of Asia Hallmark (Publ.)
Journey to Jerusalem Halsell, Grace Look up
Barbarian Rites: The Spiritual World of the Vikings and the Germanic Tribes Hasenfratz, Hnas-Peter Look up
Complete Bhagavad Gita and the Bible, The: Pearls of the Same Strand Hatcher, Wade Look up
Biography of the Gods Haydon, A. Eustace
Tomb of the Eagles: Death and Life in a Stone Age Tribe Hedges, John W. Look up
Zen and Hasidism Heifetz, Harold Look up
Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions Higginbotham, Joyce and River Look up
Handbook of Living Religions, ,A Hinnells, John R Look up
Zoastrians in Britain Hinnells, John R. Look up
Two Babylons, The: The Papal Worship Hislop, Alexander
Coming Home: The Experience of Enlightenment in Sacred Traditions Hixon, Lex Look up
Retreat: Time Apart for Silence and Solitude Housden, Roger Look up
Angels and Goddesses: Celtic Christianity and Paganism in Ancient Britain Howard, Michael Look up
Wisdom Is One Huntsman, B.W. Look up
Huxley and God: Essays Huxley, Aldous Look up
Religion without Revelation Huxley, Julian
Contemplation and Action in World Religions Ibish, Yusuf & Ileana Marculescu (eds.) Look up
Mysticism in Religion Inge, W.R.
Varieties of Religious Experience, The James, William
In Search of the Sacred: A Pilgrimage to Holy Places Jarow, Rick Look up
Proclamation: Proclamation of Son Ahman, Even Jesus Christ Jeffs, Warren S Look up
Earth, Water, Fire and Air: Essential Ways of Connecting to Spirit Johnson, Cait Look up
Christian Zen Johnston, William Look up
Voices from the Circle: The Heritage of Western Paganism Jones, Prudence and Caitlin Matthews (ed) Look up
Watch-House of the Sun, The: Views of Heaven from the Religions of the World Jones, Wayne Lee Look up
Zen And The Bible Kadowaki, S. J.
Living Way, The: Stories of Kurozumi Munetada, a Shinto founder Kamiya, Sumio (transl.) Look up
Religions In Four Dimensions: Existential, Aesthetic, Historical, Comparative Kaufmann, Walter
Shaking Out the Spirits: A Psychotherapist's Entry into the Healing Mystries of Global Shamanism Keeney, Bradford Look up
Light of Asia and the Light of the World, The Kellogg, S.H.
Apple Branch, The: A Path to Celtic Ritual Kondratiev, Alexei Look up
Anthropos and Son of Man Kraeling, Carl H
Guru Papers, The: Masks of Authoritarian Power Kramer, Joel & Diana Alstad Look up
World Scriptures Kramer, Kenneth Look up
Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth Larson, bob Look up
Satan Speaks! LaVey, Anton Szandor Look up
Satanic Bible, The LaVey, Anton Szandor Look up
Satanic Rituals, The LaVey, Anton Szandor Look up
Voices of The First Day: Awakening in The Aboriginal Dreamtime Lawlor, Robert Look up
Ancient Beliefs and Modern Superstitions Lings, Martin Look up
Magical Power of the Saints: Evocation and Candle Rituals Malbrough, Rev Ray T. Look up
Pilgrim Souls-An Anthology of Spiritual Autobiographies Mandelker, Amy Look up
Cathedral of the Black Madonna: The Druids and the Mysteries of Chartres Markale, Jean Look up
Jesus and Moses are Buried in India, Birthplace of Abraham and the Hebrews Matlock, Gene . Look up
Walkers Between the Worlds: The Western Mysteries from Shaman to Magus Matthews, Caitlin; John Look up
Physicians of the Soul: The Psychologies of the World's Great Spiritual Teachers May, Robert M. Look up
Ancient Voices Current Affairs: The Legend of the Rainbow Warriors McFadden, Steven Look up
Rush Hour of the Gods: A Study of New Religiosu Movements in Japan, The McFarland, H Neill
Ritual Healing in Suburban America McGuire, Meredith Look up
Zoroastrian Tradiition, The: An Introduction To The Ancient Wisdom Of Zarathustra Mehr, Farhang Look up
Fragments: from the Teachings of Meishu-sama Meishu-sama
Jehovah Unmasked: The True Identity of the Bible-God Revealed Merritt, Nathanielk J. Look up
Asian Journal of Thomas Merton, The Merton, Thomas Look up
Creating Miracles: Understanding the Experience of Divine Intervention Miller, Carolyn Godschild
Fireball and the Lotus: Emerging Spirituality from Ancient Roots Miller, Ron and Kenney,Jim Look up
Divine Principle Moon, Sun Myung
Personal Pathway to God, A: Our Song of Freedom Moore, Dr. L Davod Look up
Origins of Modern Witchcraft: The Evolution of a World Religion Moura, Ann Look up
Sacred Books of the East, vol. 31: The Zend Avesta Muller, F. Max (ed.) Look up
My People: Writings Of A Zulu Witchdoctor: The incredible writings of Credo Vusa'mazulu Mutwa Mutwa, Credo Look up
Gods of Kumano: Shinto and the Occult Nagai, Shinchi
Indestructible Question, The: Essays on Nature, Spirit , and the Human Paradox Needleman, Jacob Look up
Sword of Gnosis, The Needleman, Jacob (ed.) Look up
Miracles: The Extraordinary, the Impossible, and the Divine Neiman, Carol Look up
Living Buddha, Living Christ Nhat Hanh, Thich Look up
CR FAQ, The: An Introduction to Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism NicDhana, Kathryn Price (and other members of the CR community) Look up
Ellen G. White, Prophet of Destiny Noorbergen, Rene
Christianity and Yoga: a meeting of mystic paths O'Brien, Justin Look up
Through the Labyrinth: Stories of the Search for Spiritual Transformation in Everyday Life Ochiogrosso, Peter Look up
Idea of the Holy, The Otto, Rudolf
World Religions: Eastern Traditions Oxtoby, Willard G. (ed.) Look up
Origin of Satan, The Pagels, Elaine Look up
Hierarchy of Hell, The Paine, Lauran
Buddhist Spectrum, A: Contributions to a Buddhist-Christian Dialogue Pallis, Marco Look up
Jesus Sutras, The: rediscovering the lost scrolls of taoist christianity Palmer, Martin Look up
Jesus' Tomb in India: Debate on his death and resurrection Pappas, Paul C. Look up
Yoga and the Christian Mystics Paramananda, Swami
Angels and Mortal: Their Co-Creative Powers Parisen, Maria (ed.) Look up
World Religions: From Ancient History to the Present Parrinder, Geoffrey Look up
Creative Explosion: An Inquiry Into the Origins of Art and Religion, The Pfeiffer, John E. Look up
Great Religious Leaders. Radhakrishna, Sarvepalli: A completely revised and expanded new version of The Story of Relilgion Potter, Charles Francis
God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World. Prothero, Stephen Look up
Counterfeit Christ of the New Age Movement, The Rhodes, Ron Look up
Four Spiritualities: Expressions of Self, Expressions of Spirit Richardson, Peter T. Look up
Secrets of Voodoo Rigaud, Milo Look up
Great Religions by which Men Live, The Ross, Floyd
Three Ways of Asian Wisdom Ross, Nancy Wilson Look up
In Search of the Primordial Tradition and the Cosmic Christ Rossner, Father John Look up
Suns of God: Krshna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled S, Acharya Look up
Global Ritualism: Myth and Magic Around the World Sargent, Denny Look up
Common Era: Best New Writings on Religion. Volume One Scholl, Steven Look up
Great Initiates, The: A Study of the Secret History of Religons Schure, Edouard Look up
Magic Island, The Seabrook, W. B.
Spirit Of The East, The: An Anthology of the Scriptures of the East Shah, Ikbal Ali Look up
Dome of Many Colors, A: Studies in Religious Pluralism, Identity, and Unity Sharma, Arvind & Kat hleen M. Dugan (Ed.) Look up
Fragments of Infinity: Essays in Religion and Philosophy Sharma, Arvind (editor) Look up
Awman Translations, The Shepard, Shelton (ed.)
For the Love of God: New Writings by Spiritual and Psychological Leaders Shield, Benjamin & Richard Carlson (ed.) Look up
Sacred Roads: Adventures from the Pilgrimage Trail Shrady, Nicholas Look up
Unknown Life of Jesus, The: Correcting the Church Myth Siblerud, Robert Look up
Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders Sillitoe, Linda & Allen Roberts Look up
Sacred Texts of the World: A Universal Anthology Smart, Ninian & Richard D. Hecht (ed.) Look up
Religions of Man, The Smith, Huston
World's Religons,The Smith, Huston Look up
Book of Mormon, The Smith, Joseph
Religion and the Modern Mind Stace, Walter T.
Inner Treasure, The: An Introduction to the World's Sacred and Mystical Writings Star, Jonathan Look up
Two Suns Rising: A Collection Of Sacred Writings Star, Jonathan Look up
Ten Theories of Human Nature Stevenson, Leslie and Haberman, David Look up
Altars Made Easy: A Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Sacred Space Streep, Peg Look up
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Out of Australia Theory Strong, Steven and Evan Look up
Birth of the Gods, The: Origin of Primative Beliefs Swanson, Guy E.
Mystery Teachings in World Religions, The Tanner, Florice Look up
Immanent Divine, The: God, Creation, and the Human Predicament Thatamanil, John J. Look up
Jesus, the Christ, in the Light of Spiritual Science - Vol.I Thind, Bhagat Singh
Jesus, the Christ, in the Light of Spiritual Science, Vol. II Thind, Bhagat Singh
Tongues of Fire: A Bible of Sacred Scriptures of the Pagan World Turnbull, Grace H.
Dictionary of Ancient Deities Turner, Patricia; Coulter, Charles Russell Look up
Key to Heaven: A Concise Explanation of God's Teaching Various
Why I am Not a Muslim Warraq, Ibn Look up
Occult Underground, The Webb, James Look up
Sociology of Religion, The Weber, Max
Sacred Journeys: Illustrated Guide to Pilgrimages Around the World Westwood, Jennifer Look up
Some White Family History (Pillar Of Fire) White, Arthur Kent
Great Controversy, The: Between Christ and satan White, Ellen
America in Prophecy White, Ellen G. Look up
Desire of the Ages, The: The conflict of the ages illustrated in the life of Christ White, Ellen G.
Great Controversy, The White, Ellen G.
For the Love of the Gods Williams, Brandy Look up
In My Father's House: The Story of The Layton Family and The Reverend Jim Jones Yee, Min and Layton,Thomas Look up
Comparison of Religions, The Zaehner, R. C.
Mysticism Sacred and Profane: An Inquiry Into Some Varieties Of Praeternatural Experience Zaehner, R. C.
Mysticism Sacred and Profane: An Inquiry Into Some Varieties Of Praeternatural Experience Zaehner, R. C.
Our Savage God: The Perverse Use of Eastern Thought Zaehner, R. C. Look up
Gifts of the Spirit: Living the Wisdom of Great Religious traditions Zaleski, Philip and Paul Kaufman Look up

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20.1 African

Rastafarians, The: Sounds of Cultural Dissonance Barrett, Leonard Look up
Walking with The Night: The Afro-Cuban World of Santeria Canizares, Raul Look up
Vodou Quantum Leap: Alternate Realities, Power and Mysticism Crosley, Reginald, M.D Look up
Serpent and the Rainbow, The Davis, Wade Look up
Voudoun Fire: The Living Reality of Mystical Religion Denning, Melita & Osborne Phillips Look up
Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti Deren, Maya Look up
Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook: Spells, curses and folk magic for all your needs Doktor Snake Look up
Sarava! Afro-Brazilian Magick: Dow, Carol L. Look up
Creative Ritual El Obatala (Thomas Helke) Look up
Itations of Jamaica and I Rastafari Faristzaddi, Millard Look up
Iwa-Pele: Ifa Quest-The Search for The Source of Santeria and Lucumi Fatunbi. Awo Falokun Look up
Vodou Visions, revised edition: Glassman, Sallie Ann Look up
Santeria Experience, The Gonzales-Wippler, Migene Look up
Muntu: An Outline of the New African Culture Jahn, Janheinz
Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts Karade, Baba Ifa Look up
Ojise: Messenger of The Yoruba Tradition Karade, Baba Ifa Look up
African Proverbs Leslau, Charlotte and Wolf Look up
White Woman Witch Doctor: Tales from the African Life of Rae Graham McCallum, Taffy Gould Look up
Powerful Amulets of Santeria Montenegro, Carlos Look up
Magic from Brazil: Recipes, spells & rituals Morwyn
Way of The Orisa: Empowering Your Life Through the Ancient African Religion of Ifa Neimark., Philip John Look up
Spirituality of African Peoples, The: The Search for a Common Moral Discourse Paris, Peter J. Look up
African Mythology Parrinder, Geoffrey
Spirits of the Night: The Vaudun Gods of Haiti Rodman, Selden & Carole Cleaver Look up
Prayer in The Religious Traditions of Africa Shorter, Aylward Look up
Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman Some, Malidoma Patrice Look up
Ritual: Power, Healing and Community Some, Malidoma Patrice Look up
Drum and Candle St. Clair, David
Jambalaya: The Natural Woman's Book Of Personal Charms And Practical Rituals Teish, Luisah Look up
African Prayer Book, An Tutu, Desmond Look up
Drummer's Path, The: Moving the Spirit with Ritual and Traditional Drumming Wilson, Sule Greg Look up

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20.2 Watts, Alan W.

Zen Effects: The Life Of Alan Watts Furlong, Monica Look up
Beat Zen Square Zen and Zen Watts, Alan W
This Is It: and other essays on Zen and Spiritual experience Watts, Alan W Look up
Behold The Spirit: A study in the necessity of Mystical Religion Watts, Alan W. Look up
Beyond Theology: The Art of Godmanship Watts, Alan W.
Book, The: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are Watts, Alan W. Look up
Cloud-Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown: A Mountain Journal Watts, Alan W. Look up
Death: The Essence of Alan Watts, Book IV Watts, Alan W. Look up
Does It Matter?: Essays on Man's Relation to Materiality Watts, Alan W.
Ego: The Essence of Alan Watts, Book VIII Watts, Alan W. Look up
Essential Alan Watts, The Watts, Alan W. Look up
God - Book One: The Essense of Alan Watts Watts, Alan W. Look up
In My Own Way: An Autobiography Watts, Alan W. Look up
Joyous Cosmology, The: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness Watts, Alan W.
Meaning of Happiness: The quest for freedom of the spirit in modern psychology and the wisdom of the east Watts, Alan W. Look up
Meditation: The Essence of Alan Watts, Book II Watts, Alan W. Look up
Myth and Ritual in Christianity Watts, Alan W.
Nature of Man: The Essence of Alan Watts, Book Watts, Alan W. Look up
Nature, Man And Woman: Watts, Alan W. Look up
Nothingness: The Essence of Alan Watts, Book III Watts, Alan W. Look up
Out of the Trap Watts, Alan W. Look up
Supreme Identity, The: an essay of oriental metaphysic and the crhistian religion Watts, Alan W.
Tao: The Watercourse Way Watts, Alan W. Look up
Time: The Essence of Alan Watts, Book Watts, Alan W. Look up
Two Hands Of God, The.: The Myths of Polarity Watts, Alan W.
What is Tao?: Watts, Alan W. Look up
Wisdom of Insecurity, The: A Message for an Age of Anxiety Watts, Alan W.

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20.3 Atheism

Bible Contradicts Itself, The Bowden, John Look up
God Delusion, The Dawkins, Richard Look up
Natural Atheism Eller, David Look up
End of Faith, The: Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason Harris, Sam Look up
God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything Hitchens, Christopher Look up
Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever Hitchens, Christopher Look up
Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth Jackson, John G Look up
The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read Leedom, Tim C (ed) Look up
Atheist Universe: The Thinking Person's Answer to Christian Fundamentalism Mills, David Look up
Atheism: The Case Against God Smith, George H. Look up
Challenging the Bible: Selections from the Writing snd Speeches of Robert G. Ingersoll Tipton, Dean (ed) Look up