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25 Literature

Borderwalker Abhaya, Stephen Amazon
Divine Comedy, The Alighieri, Dante
Daughter of Fortune: A Novel Allende, Isabel Amazon
Scattered Portions: William Blake's Biological Symbolism Baine, Rodney M. Amazon
Sappho Barnard, Mary (trans.) Amazon
St. Petersburg Biely, Andrey
Monkey Brain Sushi: New Tastes in Japanes Fiction Birnbaum, Alfred (editor) Amazon
Book of Urizen, The: Introduction by Clark Emergy Blake, William
Milton Blake, William Amazon
Poems and Prophecies Blake, William
Selected Poetry and Prose of William Blake Blake, William
Songs of Experience: Facsimile Reproduction with 26 plates in full color Blake, William Amazon
Marriage of Heaven and Hell Blake, Willilam
Forest House, The Bradley, Marion Zimmer Amazon
Mists of Avalon, The Bradley, Marion Zimmer Amazon
Sacred Hoop, The: A Cycle of earth tales Broder, Bill Amazon
Night and Morning Bulwer-Lytton, Edward
Selections From The Arabian Nights: Burton's famous translation of a thousand nights and a night Burton, Richard (Trans)
Way of All Flesh Butler, Samuel
Don Quixote of the Mancha: The First Part of the Delightful History of the Most Ingenious Knight Cervantes, Miguel
High Kings, The: Arthur's Celtic Ancestors Chant, Joy Amazon
Black Monk, The Checkhov, Anton Amazon
Devil and Miss Prynn: A Novel of Temptation Coelho, Paulo Amazon
Valkyries, The Coelho, Paulo Amazon
Double Phoenix Cooper, Edmund & Roger Lanelyn-Green Amazon
Reconstruction Trilogy: Leopard's Spots, Clansman, Traitor Dixon, Thomas, Jr. Amazon
Oblivion Seekers, The Eberhardt, Isabelle Amazon
Travels in HyperReality: Essays Eco, Umberto Amazon
Octopus Deception, The Estulin, Daniel Amazon
Art And Wonder: An Illustrated Anthology Of Visionary Poetry Farrell, Kate
Fuck, Yes Fing, Wing Amazon
Memory Of Fire; I: Genesis Galeano, Eduardo Amazon
Poems of Passion, Poems of Love Gill, Elaine and Gill, John (eds.) Amazon
Herland Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Amazon
Mysteries Hamsun, Knut Amazon
Lost Horizon: Shangri-La Hilton, James
Deputy, The Hochhuth, Rolf Amazon
From Mount Olympus to the Moon(Medical Fiction) Horwitz, Orville Amazon
Ten Poems to Change Your Life Housden, Roger Amazon
Brave New World, and Brave New World, Revisited Huxley, Aldous
William Blake and the Tree of Life James, Laura DeWitt Amazon
Skoob esoterica Anthology Johnson, Christopher
Stone Dance Johnson, Jamie Amazon
100 Banned Books: Censorship Histories of World Literature Karolides, Nicholas and Bald, Margaret Amazon
On The Road, Dharma Bums, The Subterraneans Kerouac, Jack
Last Templar, The Khoury, Raymond Amazon
Darjeeling: A Novel Kirchner, Bharti Amazon
Judgement, The (Kham Phi Phaksa) Kobjitti, Chart
Great Sanskrit Plays: In Modern Translation Lal, P.
Nectar in a Sieve Markandaya, Kamala
7th Sense McLaren, John Amazon
River Sutra, A Mehta, Gira Amazon
Cornelius Quartet Moorcock, Michael Amazon
Holder of the World, The Mukherjee, Bharati Amazon
Golden Buddha Changing Masks, The: Essays On The Spiritual Dimensions Of Acting Olsen, Mark Amazon
Agent on the Other Side, An O'Toole, George Amazon
Templar's Code, The Palov, Chloe M Amazon
Something for Everyone: A sampling of peoms Papyrous
Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals Pirsig, Robert M.
Confucius to Cummings: An Anthology of Poetry Pound, Ezra and Marcella Span, editors
Ishmael Quinn, Daniel Amazon
Shantaram Roberts, Gregory David Amazon
Catcher in the Rye, The Salinger, J. D
Complete Plays And Poems Of William Shakespeare: The New Cambridge Edition Shakespeare, William
Globe Illustrated Shakespeare: The Complete Works Annotated, Deluxe Edition Shakespeare, William Amazon
Krishna: A Journey Within Singh, Abhishek Amazon
Books of the Beast, The: Essays on Aleister Crowley, Montague Summers, Francis Barrett and Others Smith, Timothy D'Arch Amazon
Blue Aloes: Stories of South Africa Stockley, Cynthia
Flight of the Goose: A Story of the Far North Thomas, Lesley Amazon
Let ters from the Earth Twain, Mark
Complete Essays of Mark Twain, The: All the Famous Essays of one of America's Most renowned Authors Twain, Mark (Charles Neider, ed.) Amazon
People and Stars Vejtasa, Frances
Revolting Librarians West, Celeste Amazon
Ledge of Quetzal - Beyond 2012: A Magical Adventure to Discover the Real Promise of the Mayan Prophecy Whitehouse, Jock Amazon
Leaves of Grass.: Woodcuts by Valenti Angelo Whitman, Walt
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, The Wolfe, Tom Amazon
Islandia Wright, Austin Tappan
To Touch the World Yasanya
Shoals of Time, The Zach, P. Orin Amazon
Sad Cliffs of Light, The Zell, Lucien Amazon
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