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43 - Mysticism

43.1 Findhorn
43.3 Huna
43.4 Emanuel Swedenborg
In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message Abd-Ru-Shin (Oskar Ernst Bernhardt) Look up
Conversation Among Raindrops, A Abhaya, Stephen Look up
Body and Soul: An Integral Perspective 2nd (Revised) Edition Abhayananda, Swami Look up
Melchizedek Truth Principles: Achad, Frater (Charles Stansfeld Jones) Look up
Silence of the Heart: Dialogues with Robert Adams Adams, Robert Look up
Key To The Problems Of Existence, The: Volume 11 from the complete works Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael Look up
Light Is A Living Spirit Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael Look up
Man's Psychic Life: Elements And Structures Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael Look up
Man's Subtle Bodies and Centres: the aura, the solar plexus, the chackras Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael Look up
Powers Of Thought, The Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael Look up
Second Birth, The: Hidden Principles Of Spiritual Life Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael Look up
Sexual Force Or The Winged Dragon Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael Look up
Symbological Language Of Geometrical Figures, The Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael Look up
Towards A Solar Civilization Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael Look up
Fifth Dimension, The: Future of Mankind Alder, Vera Stanley Look up
Finding of the Third Eye, The Alder, Vera Stanley Look up
Initiation of the World, The Alder, Vera Stanley Look up
Secret Of The Atomic Age, The: Search for Man's True Destiny Alder, Vera Stanley Look up
When Humanity Comes Of Age Alder, Vera Stanley Look up
Mystery of the Ages Armstrong, Herbert W Look up
Ancient Wisdom, The Ashe, Geoffrey Look up
Pearls Without Price Ayudante
Sound and Color Lessons 1-12 B.O.T.A
Will to Believe Bach, Marcus
Already On Holy Ground Baily, J.K.
Opening Of The Third Eye, The: Baker, Douglas Look up
Powers Latent In Man, The Baker, Douglas Look up
Discovering Torkom's Teachings Balyoz, Harold Look up
Second Life, ,A Barber Bill Look up
Inner Experience Bataille, Georges Look up
Creative Ethers, The Beesley, Ronald P. Look up
Esoteric Path, The: An Introduction to the Hermetic Tradition Benoist, Luc Look up
Now Consciousness: Exploring the World Beyond Thought Blackburn, Albert Look up
Worlds Beyond Thought: Conversations on Now-Consciousness Blackburn, Albert Look up
Rhythms of Vision: The Changing Patterns Of Belief Blair, Lawrence Look up
First Step: An Introduction To Spiritual Practice Bloom, William Look up
Mysticism: Its History And Challenge Borchert, Bruno Look up
Occult Way, The Bowen, P. G.
Ego, The from Birth to Rebirth Brunton, Paul Look up
Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga Brunton, Paul
Inner Reality, The Brunton, Paul Look up
Secret Path, The Brunton, Paul Look up
Sensitives, The: Dynamics And Dangers Of Mysticism (Vol. 11: The Notebooks Of Paul Brunton) Brunton, Paul Look up
Spiritual Crisis Of Man, The Brunton, Paul Look up
Wisdom Of The Overself, The: Brunton, Paul
Baird Spalding As I Knew Him Bruton, David Look up
Cosmic Consciousness Bucke, Richard Maurice
Light of Egypt ,The Vol. 2: The Science Of The Soul And The Stars Burgoyne, Thomas H
Treasure Chest of Wisdom, A: Jewels of Thought Burgoyne, Thomas H
Harp of Destiny, The: Burrows, Elizabeth MacDonald Look up
Mystic Voyage: Gateway to Immortality Burrows, Elizabeth MacDonald Look up
Odyssey of the Apocalypse Burrows, Elizabeth MacDonald
Pathway of the Immortals Burrows, Elizabeth MacDonald
Our Spiritual DNA: Twelve Ascended Mastrs and the Evidence for Our Divine Ancestry Carmel, Niland Look up
When We Were Gods: Insights on Atlantis, Past Lives, Angelic Beings of Light, and Spiritual Awakening Chapman, Carole Look up
Hell-Bent For Heaven: The Autobiography Of Hilda Charlton Charlton, Hilda Look up
Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe, The Clark, Glenn
Universe In Disenchantment Coelho, M. Jacintho
Healing Of The Planet Earth, The: Personal Power and Planetary Transformation Cohen, Alan Look up
Autobiography Of An Awakening Cohen, Andrew Look up
Enlightenment is a Secret: Teachings of Liberation Cohen, Andrew Look up
Living Enlghtenment: a call for evolution beyond the efo Cohen, Andrew Look up
Who Am I? & How Shall I Live? Cohen, Andrew Look up
Common Experience, The Cohen, J. M. Look up
Call No Man Master: Fifty Years Of Spiritual Adventure, In Praise Of Teachers But Wary Of Gurus Collin-Smith, Joyce Look up
Karma Without Stress: A Guidebook for the Soul's Journey Connolly, Eileen Look up
Secret Wisdom: The Occult Universe Explored Conway, David Look up
Silence, Simplicity, And Solitude: A Guide For Spiritual Retreat Cooper, David A. Look up
Soul: An Archaeology Cousineau, Phil Look up
Creating the Soul Body: The Sacred Science of Immortality Cox, Robert E. Look up
Relevance Of Bliss, The: A Contemporary Exploration of Mystic Experience Coxhead, Nona Look up
Letters From the Teacher: by the Teacher of the Order of the 15 Curtiss, Hariette Augusta and F. Homer Curtiss
Penetralia: Being Harmonial Answers To Important Questions Davis, Andrew Jackson
Opening of the Way, the: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom of Ancient Egypt De Lubicz, Isha Schwaller Look up
Self Completion: keys to the meaningful life De Ropp, Robert S. Look up
Warrior's Way: a twentieth century odyssey De Ropp, Robert S. Look up
Being Space De Sercey, Patrick Look up
Observing Self, The: Mysticism and Psychotherapy Deikman, Arthur J. Look up
Seeress of Prevorst: her secret language and prophecies from the spirit world DeSalvo, John Look up
Toward The Fullness Of Life: The Fullness Of Love Desjardins, Arnaud Look up
Paschal Beverly Randolph: a nineteenth-century black american spiritualist, rosicrucian, and sex magician Deveny, John Patrick Look up
Spinal Brain and Health Doreal (Claude Doggins)
Dictionary of Mysticism and the Occult Drury, Nevill Look up
Echoes from the Void: writings on magic, visionary art, and the new consciousness Drury, Nevill Look up
Path of the Chameleon, the Drury, Nevill Look up
Gathering: Preparing the Planet for Ascension Durrett, Don Look up
Magic: The Principles of Higher Knowledge Eckartshausen, Karl Von Look up
Essays: Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Selected Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Stories Of The Spirit, Stories Of The Heart: Parables of the Spiritual Path from Around the World Feldman, Christina and Jack Kornfield (editors) Look up
Is There a God? Fersen, Eugene
Science of Being Fersen, Eugene
Meditations on The Soul-Selected Letters of Marcino Ficino Ficino, Marsilio Look up
Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing Foor, Daniel Look up
Splendor in the Night: Recording a Glimpse of Reality Fort, Adele Brooks
Applied Magic: Fortune, Dion Look up
Aspects of Occultism Fortune, Dion Look up
Cosmic Doctrine, The Fortune, Dion Look up
Esoteric Orders and Their Work: (and, The Training and Work of an Initiate) Fortune, Dion Look up
Esoteric Philosophy Of Love And Marriage, The Fortune, Dion Look up
Practical Occultism In Daily Life Fortune, Dion
Through The Gates Of Death Fortune, Dion Look up
Principles of Hermetic Philosophy Fortune, Dion and Gareth Knight Look up
Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen Fox, Matthew Look up
Little Compendium on That Which Matters, ,A Franck, Frederick Look up
Journey into a Strange Land Franco, Eloise
Mystery Experience, The Freke, Tim Look up
Dictionary Of Mysticism Gaynor, Frank (ed,)
Vision Of Emerson, The Geldard, Richard Look up
Elements of Mysticism Gilbert, R A Look up
Golden Thread, The: The Ageless Wisdom of the Western Myst ery Traditions Godwin, Joscelyn Look up
Hidden Work, The: (including) The Periodic Table of Angels Gold, E. J. Look up
Seven Bodies Of Man, The Gold, E. J. Look up
Dazzling Darkness, A: An Anthology Of Western Mysticism Grant, Patrick Look up
Golden String, The: The Autobiography of Bede Griffiths, Benedictine of Prinknash Griffiths, Bede
Man and His Becoming: According To the Vedanta Guenon, Rene
Reign of Quantity (and) The Signs of the Times Guenon, Rene Look up
Harpers Encyclopedia Of Mystical And Paranormal Experience Guiley, Rosemary Ellen Look up
Mysticism: A Study and an Anthology Happold, F. C Look up
Trial Of The Man Who Said He Was God, The Harding, D. E. Look up
Face to No-Face Harding, Douglas E. Look up
Doing Nothing: Coming to the End of the Spiritual Search Harrison.Steven Look up
In The Pronaos Of The Temple Of Wisdom Hartmann, Franz, M.D.
Occult Science in Medicine Hartmann, Franz, M.D. Look up
Prophet's Way, The: Touching the Power of Life Hartmann, Thom Look up
Dialogues with a Modern Mystic Harvey, Andrew Look up
Mystic Vision, The: Daily Encounters With The Divine Harvey, Andrew Look up
Sun At Midnight: A Memoir of The Dark Night Harvey, Andrew Look up
Scientific Occultism Hatch, David P.
Training For The Life Of The Spirit Heard, Gerald Look up
Power of the Infinity Symbol, The: Workingwith the Lemniscate for Ultimate Harmony and Balance Heider-Rauter, Barbara Look up
Beneath The Wheel Hesse, Hermann
Gertrude Hesse, Hermann
Journey To The East Hesse, Hermann
Klagsor's Last Summer Hesse, Hermann
Narcissus And Goldmund Hesse, Hermann
Rosshalde Hesse, Hermann
Siddhartha Hesse, Hermann
Steppenwolf Hesse, Hermann
Enlightenment for Beginners Hillig, Chuck Look up
Return to the One: Plotinus's Guide to God-Realization Hines, Brian Look up
Coming Home: The Experience of Enlightenment in Sacred Traditions Hixon, Lex Look up
Have Miracles, Will Travel Hotchkiss, Burt Look up
Fire in the Heart: Everyday Life as Spiritual Practice Housden, Roger Look up
Mystic Path to Cosmic Power Howard, Vernon Look up
Occult Philosophy Ingalese, Isabella
Greater Mysteries, The Ingalese, Richard
Passionate Presence: Experiencing The Seven Qualities of Awakened Awareness Ingram, Catherine Look up
Ascension: an analysis of the art of ascension as taught by the ishayas Isham, Maharishi Sadasiva (MSI) Look up
First Thunder: An Adventure Of Discovery Isham, Maharishi Sadasiva (MSI) Look up
Second Thunder: Seeking the Black Ishayas Isham, Maharishi Sadasiva (MSI) Look up
By Way of the Personal Path James, Eliott Look up
Living a Balanced Life: Applying Timeless Spiritual Teachings to your everyday life James, Elliot Look up
Light of All Life: Thoughts Toward a Philsophy of Life Johnson, Raynor C Look up
Sabian Book, The: Letters of Insight Jones, Marc Edmond
Ritual of Living, The Jones, Marc Edmund
Sabian Manual, The: A Ritual For Living Jones, Marc Edmund
Occult Tradition, The: from the renaissance to the present day Katz, David S. Look up
Virgin Of The World,The Kingsford, Anna & Edward Maitland Look up
I Am: Klein, Jean
Transmission Of The Flame Klein, Jean Look up
Way of Attainment, The Klein, Sydney Look up
Rays And Esoteric Psychology, The Lansdowne, Zachary Look up
Seeker's Handbook, The: the complete guide to spiritual pahtfinding Lash, John Look up
Knowledge of Reality, The Laurency, Henry T. Look up
Practical Mysticism Lee, Edward Look up
View from Olympus, The: a new gnostic gospel Lloyd, Donna H. Look up
Way In, The: A Book of Self Discovery Long, Barry Look up
Spiritual View Of Life Lorber, Jakob Look up
In Each Moment: A New Way to Live Lowe, Paul Look up
It's A Meaningful Life Lozoff, Bo Look up
Lord God of Truth Within, The M
Celtic Visions: Seership,Omens and Dreams of the Otherworld Matthews, Catilin Look up
Snow Leopard, The Matthiessen, Peter Look up
Seeing The Invisible: Modern Religious and Other Transcendent Experiences Maxwell, Meg and Tschudin,Verena Look up
Shine Forth: The Soul's Magical Destiny Meader, William A. Look up
Acentric Labyrinth, the: Giordano Bruno's Prelude to Contemporary Cosmology Mendoza, Ramon G Look up
Knowledge Book, The (introduction to) Mevlana
Way Of Inner Vigilance, The: Path To The Inner Light And The Realization Of One's Divine Nature Michael, Salim Look up
Sacred Visitations: Gifts of Grace that Transform the Heart and Awaken the Soul Miller, Ceci Look up
Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life, The Moore, Thomas Look up
Seven Paths Upward Newhouse, Flower A
Golden Understanding, The Norvill, Roy
Varieties of Mystic Experience: An Anthology and Interpretation O'Brien, Elmer
Mysticism East And West Otto, Rudolph
Steps To Self-Mastery Parchment, S. R.
Thinking And Destiny: Percival, Harold W. Look up
Born witrh a Veil: the life of a spiritual mystic Perez, Maya w/ Terry Latterman Look up
Man, the Measure of All Things Prem, Sri Krishna and Sri Madhava Ashish Look up
Mortal Grounding Prescott, Richard Chambers Look up
Realizing The Self Within Prescott, Sue Look up
Evolutionary Empath: A Practical Guide for heart-Centered Consciousness Red Feather, Stephanie, Ph.D. Look up
Solar Revolution and the Prophet The Renard, Pierre Look up
Gods In The Making Rittenhouse, Norman
Experience Of No-Self Roberts, Bernadette Look up
Path To No-Self, The: Life at the Center Roberts, Bernadette Look up
Gift, The: A Sensual Journey into Personal Alchemy Rodman, Sandra (psd. Diana Rose) Look up
Ancient and Future Self, The: The Book of Lineage Calls; introducing the ancient & future lineage paths practice Rodman, Sandra H.
Beyond Individualism Rudhyar, Dane Look up
Directives For New Life Rudhyar, Dane
Fullness of Human Experience, The Rudhyar, Dane Look up
Occult Preparations For A New Age Rudhyar, Dane Look up
Planetarization Of Consciousness, The Rudhyar, Dane Look up
Triptych Rudhyar, Dane
Beyond Fear: A Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy Ruiz, Don Miguel Look up
God Will Work With You but Not For You Russell, Lao
Book of Early Whisperings Russell, Walter
Message Of The Divine Iliad, The - Vol II Russell, Walter
Secret of Light, The Russell, Walter
Atomic Suicide? Russell, Walter And Lao
Nature Word Schwaller de Lubicz, R.A Look up
Unlikely Prophet, An: Revelations on The Path Without Form Schwartz, Alvin Look up
One Voice, Sacred Wisdom Schwartz, james Look up
Outline Of Modern Occultism, An Scott, Cyril
Guide Posts On The Occult Path Scott, John P.
Manual Of Occultism, A Sepharial (Dr. Walter Gorn) Look up
C. G. Jung and Hermann Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships Serrano, Miguel
Nos: Book of the Resurrection Serrano, Miguel Look up
Lost Art of Resurrection: Initiation, Secret Chambers, and the Quest for the Otherworld Silva, Freddy Look up
Alchemy of Awareness, The Sinkler, Lorraine Look up
Secret of Instantaneous Healing, The Smith, Harry Douglas Look up
Life And Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. I Spalding, Baird T. Look up
Life And Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. III Spalding, Baird T. Look up
Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. IV Spalding, Baird T. Look up
Encyclopedia of Occultism, An Spence, Lewis
Beyond the Flower of Life: Multidimensional Activation of your Higher Self, the Inner Guru St. Germain, Maureen J. Look up
Opening the Akashic Records: Meet Your Record Keepers and Discover Your Soul's Purpose St. Germain, Maureen J. Look up
Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality: Self Study Guide for Personal Transformation St. Germain, Maureen J.. Look up
It's All God Starcke, Walter Look up
This Double Thread: A Guide To Modern Mysticism Starcke, Walter Look up
Torchbearers Of Spiritualism Stobert, Mrs. St. Clair
Return of the Dove Storm, Margaret
Book of Changes, The: How to Win Games and Influence Destiny, book 3 Strauss, Rick
How to Win Games and Influence Destiny, Book 1 Strauss, Rick
Masters of Destiny, The: How to Win Games and Influence Destiny, book 4 Strauss, Rick
John Dee (Essential Readings) Suster, Gerald (ed.) Look up
Which? Taylor, C. Tousey
Spiritual Dimensions Teillard, Ania
Kybalion, The: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece Three Initiates Look up
Paradox of Power Thurston, Mark Look up
Power of Now: Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Tolle, Eckhart Look up
Power of Now Inspiration Cards Tolle, Eckhart Look up
Practicing the Power of Now: essential teachings, meditations, and exercises, from The Power of Now Tolle, Eckhart Look up
Sanctified Body, The Treese, Patricia Look up
Magic Of Space, The Triton
Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan age, The TRWAM /Debxwa / Look up
Theory and Practice of the Mandala, The Tucci, Giuseppe Look up
Rainbow Bridge, The Two Disciples Look up
World of The Mystic Umen,Samuel Look up
Mysticism: a study in the nature and development of man's spiritual consciousness Underhill, Evelyn
Practical Myticism Underhill, Evelyn Look up
Vectors of the Counter-Initiation: The Course and Destiny of Inverted Spirituality Upton, Charles Look up
Outwitting Tomorrow Valiant Thor
Dialogue With Nature Van Lippe-Biesterfeld, Irene Look up
Master Initiate and the Maid: With preface, explanatory notes, epilogue, instruction in Natural Hypntism, and the Secret of the In Verdier, Marguerite Louise
Song Of The Cosmos: an introduction to traditional cosmology Versluis, Arthur Look up
Divine Magic: The Seven Sacred Secrets of Manifestation - a New Interpretation of the Classic Hermetic Manual The Virtue, Doreen Look up
Cloud Upon the Sanctuary, The Von Eckartshausen, Karl
Unknown Philosopher, The Waite, Arthur Edward
Encyclopedia of Esoteric Man Walker, Benjamin Look up
Conscious Mind, The: a commentary on the mystics Walker, Kenneth
Waiting for God Weil, Simone Look up
Ordinary Magic: Everyday Life as Spiritual Path Welwood, John (Ed.) Look up
Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology Weor, Samael Aun Look up
Book Of Revelations, A White, George Starr
Ancient And Modern Physics Willson, T. E.
Occult, The: Wilson, Colin Look up
Poetry and Mysticism Wilson, Colin
Foundation Letters and Teachings Wilson, Edward Arthur (Brother XII) Look up
Basic Ideas Of Occult Wisdom, The: Winner, Anna Kennedy Look up
Keys to Spiritual Awakening: A Journey into Mmysticism and Kabbalah Witkov, Harold S. Look up
Planetarian Apocalypse, The Wootten, William Edwards
Have You Forgotten?: Five Powerful Principles for Living Spiritually Young, Jim Look up
You Are The Mystery Zink, Joan And David Look up

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43.1 Findhorn

Deva Handbook, The: How to work with nature's subtle energies Altman, Nathaniel Look up
Flight Into Freedom Caddy, Eileen Look up
Footprints On The Path Caddy, Eileen Look up
Spirit of Findhorn Caddy, Eileen Look up
Living Silence, The Divina
Wisdoms Divina
Faces Of Findhorn: Images Of A Planetary Community Findhorn Community Look up
Magic of Findhorn, The Hawken, Paul Look up
Call of the Trees Maclean, Dorothy Look up
To Hear The Angels Sing MacLean, Dorothy Look up
Blessing: The Art and Practice Spangler, David Look up
Conversations With John Spangler, David
Emergence: The Rebirth Of The Sacred Spangler, David Look up
Laws of Manifestation, The Spangler, David Look up
Links With Space Spangler, David Look up
New Age, The Spangler, David Look up
Pilgrim in Aquarius, A Spangler, David Look up
Reflections On The Christ Spangler, David Look up
Relationship And Identity Spangler, David Look up
Towards a Planetary Vision Spangler, David Look up

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43.3 Huna

Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism Berney, Charlotte Look up
Cunningham's Guide to Hawaiian Magic and Spirituality Cunningham, Scott Look up
Hawaiian Religion And Magic Cunningham, Scott Look up
Huna: A Beginner's Guide Hoffman, Enid Look up
Origins of Huna: Secretk Behind the Secret Science Kaehr, Shelley
Na Ki'i Pohaku: A Hawaiian Petroglyph Primer Kwaitkowski, C.K. Look up
Growing Into Light Long, Max Freedom
Introduction To Huna: The workable psycho-religious system of the Polynesians Long, Max Freedom
Recovering The Ancient Magic Long, Max Freedom
Secret Science at Work, The: New Light on Prayer Long, Max Freedom Look up
Secret Science Behind Miracles, The: Unveiling the Huna Tradition of the Ancient Polynesians Long, Max Freedom Look up
Self-Suggestion: and the new Huna theory of mesmerism and hypnosis Long, Max Freedom
Self-Suggestion And The New Huna Theory of Mesmerism and Hypnosis Long, Max Freedom Look up
What Jesus Taught In Secret: A Huna Interpretation of the Four Gospels Long, Max Freedom Look up
Huna Self Awareness: The Wisdom Of The Ancient Hawaiians Nau, Erika Look up
Pele's Wish: Secrets of the Hawaiian Masters and Eternal Life Ray, Sondra Look up
Pranic Energy: Mystic Power Of The Ancients Sanderson, Julia
Legends of Wailua Smith, Walter J
Secrets of Kahuna Magic Steiger, Brad
At Zero: The Final Secrets to "Zero Limits" The Quest for Miracles Through Ho'oponopono Vitale, Joe Look up
Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More Vitale, Joe Look up
Heart of Huna, The: Yardley, Laura Kealoha Look up
Ano Ano The Seed the Trilogy: The Seed The Mana Keepers The Fire Lily Zambucka, Kristin Look up

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43.4 Emanuel Swedenborg

Essays on Spiritual Psychology: reflections on the thought of Emanuel Swedenborg Blackmer, Carolyn Look up
Pioneer of Inner Space Swedenborg O'Brien, Justin
Heavenly Secrets (Arcana caelestia) Vol 1 Swedenborg, Emanual Look up
Conjugal Love Swedenborg, Emanuel
Divine Love And Wisdom Swedenborg, Emanuel Look up
Divine Providence, The Swedenborg, Emanuel
Four Doctrines, The Swedenborg, Emanuel
Heaven and Hell Swedenborg, Emanuel Look up
Heaven And Its Wonders And Hell Swedenborg, Emanuel
True Christian Religion Swedenborg, Emanuel Look up
White Horse, The Swedenborg, Emanuel
Word And Its Holiness, The Swedenborg, Emanuel
Essential Swedenborg, The Synnestvedt, Sig (ed.) Look up
Swedenborg, Life and Teaching Trobridge, George
Usefulness: A Way of Personal and Spiritual Growth Van Deseh, Wilson
Presence of Other Worlds, The: The Findings of Emanuel Swedenborg Van Dusen, Wilson Look up