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48 - Occult Fiction

48.1 Marie Corelli
House of Doctor Dee Ackroyd, Peter Look up
Daughter of the Dragon Tree Aernecke, Susanne Look up
New Altars: Science Fiction and Fantasy Storeis about Spriituality and Religion Albright, Dawn and Hutchinson, Sandra (ed) Look up
Dance of the Jaguar Andrews, Terry Look up
Song of the Father Bachty, Ramon Look up
Shamanism Baranko, Igor Look up
Frabato the Magician Bardon, Franz Look up
Lost Scrolls of King Solomon, The Behrens, Richard Look up
Dawnwatchers, The Bingham, Hiram Look up
White Rose, The: The day the world looked up Bromley, Theodore Norbert Look up
Mandala: A Novel of India Buck, Pearl S.
Coming Race, The Bulwer-Lytton, Edward Look up
Zanoni - A Rosicrucian Talex Bulwer-Lytton, Edward
Htrae: Assignment: Operation Earth Angel Burrows, Elizabeth MacDonald Look up
Maya Sangh and the Valley of the White Ones: Burrows, Elizabeth MacDonald Look up
Rule of Four, The Caldwell, Ian and Dustin Thomason Look up
Castle Of Crossed Destinies, The (A Novel) Calvino, Italo Look up
Revelations of the Aquarian Age: Clow, Barbara Hand Look up
Revelations of the Ruby Crystal Clow, Barbara Hand Look up
Alchemist,The: Coelho, Paulo Look up
Pilgrimage,The: A Contemporary Quest for Ancient Wisdom Coelho, Paulo Look up
Idyll of The White Lotus, The Collins, Mabel
The Alchymist's Journal Connell, Evan S. Look up
Saucer Coonts, Stephen Look up
Golden Wind, The De Camp, L Sprague
Buddha in Redface Duran, Eduardo Look up
Two Tales of the Occult: Translated from the Rumanian Eliade, Mircea and Couliano, Ioan P.
Law Of Love, The Esquivel, Laura Look up
Omega, The Last Days of the World Flammarion, Camille Look up
Real Chant of the Rolling Wheels Fontoura, Marco Look up
Demon Lover, The Fortune, Dion Look up
Goat-Foot God, The Fortune, Dion Look up
Sea Priestess, The Fortune, Dion Look up
Secrets of Dr. Taverner, The Fortune, Dion Look up
Winged Bull, The Fortune, Dion Look up
Sai Prophecy, The Gardner, Barbara Look up
Twelfth Transforming, The Gedge, Pauline Look up
Night the Boys All Vanished, Book One Gold, Skye Stanton Look up
Return to Elysium Grant, Joan Look up
Mariette in Ecstasy Hansen, Ron Look up
Talking Image Of Urur, The Hartmann, Franz, M.D.
Twelve and One-Half Keys Hays, Edward M. Look up
Legend of Altazar, The: A Gragment of the True History of Planet Earth Hermit of the Crystal Mountain, The Look up
Myriam and the Mystic Brotherhood Howard, Maude Lesseuer
Autobiography of Mary Magdalene Ingber-Irvin, Beth Look up
What Goes Around…Comes Around Irwin, William D
Third Thunder Book 1: Orah The Deathless Dancer Isham, Marharishi Sadasiva (MSI) Look up
Balance Point Jenkins, Joseph C Look up
Words of the Witches Jocks, Yvonne (ed.) Look up
Echoes of Paradise Kahler, Deanna Look up
Occult Fiction of Dion Fortune Knight, Gareth Look up
Historian, The Kostova, Elizabeth Look up
Cain's Keeper Krabbenhoft, D.W. Look up
Lammas Night Kurtz, Katherine Look up
Aka Lamore, Jean Look up
Alien Child Lee, Mona Look up
Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness Lewis, Stephen and Slawson, Evan Look up
Etidorpha: The End of Earth Lloyd, John Uri Look up
Stepping Stones to a New Understanding MacEwen, Anne Look up
Ancient Evenings Mailer, Norman Look up
13th Pillar, The Mann, William F. Look up
Expected One, The: Book One of the Madalen Line McGowen, Kathleen Look up
Key to the Kingdom, The: An Enchanted Deck Meeuwissen, Tony Look up
Queen of the Sun: A Modern Revelation Michael, E. J. Look up
Chalchiuhite Dragon, The: Tale of Toltec Times, A Morris, Kenneth Look up
Fevered Land, A Morrow, Dennis Look up
Jimgrim and Allah's Peace Mundy, Talbot
Om, the Secret of Abhor Valley Mundy, Talbot
Samskara Murthy, U R Anantha Look up
Tenth Avatar, The Naiman, Gary Look up
Prospector, The: Chapter 1-5 Neely, Darren
Red Lion, The Orsi, Maria
Last of the Dream People, The Parker, Alice Anne Look up
Gates Between, The Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart
Wheel of Darkness, The Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child Look up
Tigerlily: Mama San's continuing story of her life with T Lobsang Rampa Rampa, Mama San Ra'ab Look up
Pussywillow Rampa, Mama San Ra-Ab Look up
Beyond The Tenth Rampa, T. Lobsang Look up
Candlelight: Rampa, T. Lobsang
Cave of the Ancients, The: Rampa, T. Lobsang
Chapters of Life Rampa, T. Lobsang Look up
Doctor from Lhasa Rampa, T. Lobsang Look up
Feeding the Flame Rampa, T. Lobsang Look up
Hermit, The: Rampa, T. Lobsang
I Believe Rampa, T. Lobsang Look up
Living With The Lama Rampa, T. Lobsang Look up
Rampa Story, The Rampa, T. Lobsang Look up
Saffron Robe, The: Rampa, T. Lobsang
Three Lives Rampa, T. Lobsang Look up
Wisdom of the Ancients: Rampa, T. Lobsang
Celestine Prophecy, The: An Adventure Redfield, James Look up
Secret of Shambala, The: In Search of the Eleventh Insight Redfield, James Look up
Tenth Insight, The: Holding the vision Redfield, James Look up
Unplugging the Patriarchy: A Mystical Journey into the heart of the New Age René, Lucia Look up
Traveller ,The: Ken Page and the Fallen Angel Rogers, Daniel L and Page, Mary Darragh Look up
Celebrisi's Journey Rounds, David Look up
Journey into the Light: the three principles of man's awakening Schwaller de Lubicz, Isha Look up
White Gold: A Rosicrucian Romance Scott, John and Dorothy
Illuminatus! Part 1, The Eye In The Pyramid: Shea, Robert, and Wilson, Anton, Robert Look up
Among the Cloud Dwellers Sica, Giuliana Look up
Among the Cloud Dwellers Sica, Guiliana Look up
Fifth Sacred Thing, The Starhawk Look up
Walking to Mercury Starhawk. Look up
Hybrids Strieber, Whitley Look up
Ars Magica Tarr, Judith
George and the Jeannie: An Adventure in Occult Disappearance Theisen, Marissa and Rich Fisher
Balthazar the Magus Van Der Naillen, A.
Fourth Reich: An End-Times novel Van Kampen, Robert Look up
Black Room, The Wilson, Colin
Mind Parasites, The Wilson, Colin Look up
Philosopher's Stone Wilson, Colin Look up
Scientific Romance, A Wright, Ronald Look up
Shack, The Young, William Paul Look up

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48.1 Marie Corelli

Ardath: A Story of a Dead Self Corelli, Marie
Barabbas: A Dream of the World's Tragedy Corelli, Marie
God's Good Man: A Simple Love Story Corelli, Marie
Holy Orders: The Tragedy of a Quiet Life Corelli, Marie
Innocent Corelli, Marie
Life Everlasting, The Corelli, Marie
Master Christian, The: A Question of the Time Corelli, Marie
My Little Bit Corelli, Marie
Romance of Two Worlds Corelli, Marie
Sorrows Of Satan, The: The Strange Experience of One Geofrey Tempest, Millionaire Corelli, Marie
Temporal Power: A Study in Supremacy Corelli, Marie
Thelma: A Society Novel Corelli, Marie
Treasure Of Heaven, The: A Romance of Riches Corelli, Marie
Vendetta: Or, The Story Of One Forgotten Corelli, Marie
Wormwood: A Drama of Paris Corelli, Marie