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63 - Spiritualism

Life Beyond Death: A Critical Study Of Spiritualism Abhedananda, Swami
Mysteries of the Unknown: Spirit Summonings Adams, Russell Jr. Look up
Beyond the Lighthouse Albritton, Clarice Look up
Eagle and The Rose: A Remarkable True Story Altea, Rosemary Look up
Proud Spirit: Lessons, Insights, and Healing from "The Voice of the Spirit World" Altea, Rosemary Look up
You Own the Power: Stories and Exercises to Inspire and Unleash the Power Within Altea, Rosemary Look up
Evidence of Eternity: communicating with spirits for proof of the afterlife Anthony, Mark Look up
They Shall Be Comforted Barbanell, Maurice
Where There Is A Will Barbanell, Maurice
Letters From A Living Dead Man Barker, Elsa
On The Threshold of the Unseen: An examination of the phenomoena of spiritualism an of the evidenc for survival fter death Barrett, Sir William
Seen And Unseen Bates, E. Katharine
Adventures of a Modern Occultist, The Bland, Oliver
Popular Dictionary of Spiritualism Blundson, Norman
Life of a Sensitive, The: Translated from the French by Mervyn Savill Bouissou, Michael
Truth Has No Label Brother John Look up
Other Side and Back, The: A Psychic's Guide to Our World and Beyond Browne, Sylvia Look up
Captivated by the Light: Evolution of a Medium Bryan, Jessica Look up
Heyday Of A Wizard: Daniel Home The Medium Burton, Jean
New Mediumship, The Cooke, Grace
Telephone Between Worlds Crenshaw, James
Voices from another World: The waking dreams and metaphysical phantasies of a non-spiritualist Curtis, F.
Harmonial Philosophy, The: A Compendium and Digest of the Works of Andrew Jackson Davis Davis, Andrew Jackson
Scenes Beyond the Grave Davis, Marietta
Cloud Of Witnesses, A De Kaven, Anna
Psychic Life Of Muriel, The Lady Dowding (An Autobiography) Dowding, Lady Look up
Edge Of The Unknown, The Doyle, Arthur Conan
New Revelation, The; and The Vital Message Doyle, Arthur Conan
Communicating With The Dead Ebon, Martin (ed.)
Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories Edward, John Look up
Guide For The Development Of Mediumship Edwards, Harry
How to Be A Medium Evans, W.H.
Way of Companionship, The Eyre, Margery Look up
Obsession, Or How Evil Spirits Influence Mortals Faraday, Michael
Sittings With Eusapia Palladino Feilding, Everard
Way of Life, The: a guide to the etheric world Findlay, Arthur
On The Edge Of The Etheric Findlay, J. Arthur
Psychic Stream, The: The Source and Growth of the Christian Faith Findlay, J. Arthur
Rock Of Truth, The Findlay, J. Arthur
Unfolding Universe, The Findlay, J. Arthur
Where Two Worlds Meet Findlay, J. Arthur
Grain Of Mustard, A Gardner, Jeanne
Many Voices Garrett, Eileen J.
Communicating With The Dead Georgian, Linda Look up
Communication with the Spirit World of God Greber, Johannes
Hello From Heaven!: A New Field Of Research After Death Communication Confirms That Life And Love Are Eternal Guggenheim, Bill And Judy
Personal Atmosphere, The Haddock, Frank Channing
Spiritualists, The: The Story of Florence Cook and William Crookes Hall, Trevor H.
They Walked Among Us Harris, Louie Look up
Speaking Across The Borderline: Being Letters from a Husband in Spirit Life to his Wife on Earth Heslop, F.
Incidents in My Life Home, D.D.
Houdini's Spirit World, Dunninger's Psychic Revelations Houdini, Harry and Dunninger, Joseph
My Adventure Into Spiritualism Howard, Dr. E. Lee
Spirit's Book, The: The Principles of Spiritist Doctrine Kardec, Allan Look up
What Mediumship Is Leaf, Horace
Ether And Reality Lodge, Sir Oliver
Survival Of Man, The Lodge, Sir Oliver
After Death- What?: Spiritistic Phenomena and their Interpretation Lombroso, Cesare
Was Luther A Spiritualist? Luther, Florence
There Is No Death Marryat, Florence
Our children Forever: George Anderson's Message from Children on the Other Side Martin, Joel & Patricia Romanowski Look up
Invisible Presence, The Miller, Paul Look up
Paranormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Aftgerlife Moody, Raymond A. Jr., M.D. Look up
Reunions: Visionary Encounters With Departed Loved Ones Moody, Raymond A. Jr., M.D. Look up
Direct Spirit Writing (Automatic Writing) Moses, W. Stainton
More Spirit Teachings Moses, W. Stainton Look up
Spirit Teachings Moses, William Stainton
Herein Know Thyself Myers, Stella
Everything Happens for a Reason: Love, Free Will, and the Lessons of the Soul Northrop, Suzane Look up
Sťance, The: Healing Messages from Beyond Northrop, Suzane Look up
Beyond These Four Walls: Diary of a Psychic Medium Occhino, Mary Rose Look up
Growing Your Inner Light: A Guide to Independent Spiritual Practice Owen, Lara Look up
Life Beyond The Veil: spirit messages received and written down by the Rev. G. Vale Owen Owen, Rev. G. Vale
Spiritual Truth For The Young Palmer, Charles
Horizons of Immortality: a quest for reality Palmsteirna, Erik
Journey into Light Plant. Ruth Look up
Miracle On The Wall, The: A Revelation of Life After Death Porten, H.
Stella C: an account of some original experiments in psychical research Price, Harry & James Turner Look up
Fifty Years a Medium: the Autobiography of one of the world's greatest spiritualistic Mediums Roberts, Estelle
Beyond the Horizon Rosher, Grace
Traveller's Return, The Rosher, Grace
Boy Who Saw True, The Scott, Cyril Look up
Neither Dead Nor Sleeping Sewall, May Wright
Dead are Alive, The Sherman, Harold Look up
Four Religious Essays Skottowe, John C.
Mediumship of Mrs. Leonard, The Smith, Suzy
Arthur Ford: the Man Who Talked With the Dead Spraggett, Allen
Bishop Pike Story, The Spraggett, Allen
Help from beyond: How to lead an enriched life through spiritual communication Stern, Henry L Look up
Voices In My Ear: The Autobiography Of A Medium Stokes, Doris Look up
Mellow Sheaves Tweedale, Violet
Ena Twigg, Medium Twigg, Ena
Ghosts Among Us: Uncovering the Truth About the Other Side Van Praagh, James Look up
Heaven and Earth: Making the Psychic Connection Van Praagh, James Look up
Reaching to Heaven Van Praagh, James Look up
Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message Of Life After Death Van Praagh, James Look up
Cooperation Veronica
Process of Man's Becoming Vitae, Questor
Two Brothers, The Webling, A. F.
Message from Jakie, A: A Spiritual Journey of Love, Death, and Hope Weinberger, Michael Look up
Thirty Years Among The Dead Wickland, Carl
Gift Within, The Wilkie, James
Rupert Lives Wynn, Walter
Laws Of Mediumship Zain, C.C. (Elbert Benjamine)