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65 Synthesis

65.1 Buckminster Fuller

Trialogues at the Edge of the West: Abraham, Ralph, Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake Amazon
Trialogues at the Edge of the West Abraham, Ralph, Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake Amazon
How to Think About God: A Guide for othe 20th Century pagan Adler, Mortimer Amazon
Evolution Isn't What it Used to Be Anderson, Walter Truett Amazon
Reality Isn't What it Used to Be: Theatrical Politics, Readyt-to-Wear Religion Anderson, Walter Truett Amazon
On the Edge of Reality Andrews, Colin and Synthia Amazon
Telektonon Revelation: Radial Matrix-Plasma Universe Model Arguelles, Jose (pseud: Valum Votan)
Time & the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs Arguelles, Jose (pseud: Valum Votan) Amazon
Time & the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs Arguelles, Jose (pseud: Valum Votan) Amazon
Transformative Vision, The: Reflections on the Nature and History of Human Expression Arguelles, Jose (pseud: Valum Votan) Amazon
Dreamspell: Journey of Timeship Earth, The Arguelles, Jose and Lloydine
Science Of The Gods: Reconciling Mystery And Matter Ash, David & Peter Hewitt Amazon
Conversing With the Planets: How Science and Myth Invented the Cosmos Aveni, Anthony Amazon
Mind And Nature: A Necessary Unity Bateson, Gregory Amazon
Steps To An Ecology Of Mind Bateson, Gregory Amazon
Excalibur Briefing: Explaining Paranormal Phenomena Bearden, Thomas E. Amazon
Quickening, The: Today's Trends, Tomorrow's World Bell, Art Amazon
Reenchantment of the World, The Berman, Morris Amazon
The Undivided Universe Bohm, D & Hiley, B.J. Amazon
Thought As A System Bohm, David Amazon
Greatness in the Smallness, The: philosophical meditations of an archaeologist Bordeaux, Edmond S.
Masters of Time: Cosmology at the end of Innocence Boslough, John Amazon
Divine Matrix, The: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief Braden, Gregg Amazon
Mayan Calander, The: solving the greatest mystery of our time Calleman, Carl Amazon
Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization: The Quantum Evolutin of Consciousness Calleman, Carl Johan Amazon
Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution, and the Destiny of Humanity Calleman, Carl Johan Amazon
Purposeful Universe, The Calleman, Carl Johan Amazon
Tao of Physics, The: an exploration of the parallels between modern physics and eastern mysticism Capra, Fritjof Amazon
Belonging to The Universe Capra, Fritjof and Steindl-Rast, Fritjof Amazon
Bridge to Infinity, The: Harmonic 3712144 Cathie, Bruce L. Amazon
Unknown Spirit, The Charon, Jean Amazon
Ark of Millions of Years, Vol 1: New Discoveries and Light on the Creation Clark, E. J. and Agnew, B. Alexander Amazon
Achemy of Nine Dimensions: the 2011/2012 prophecies and nine dimensions of consciousness Clow, Barbara Hand Amazon
A to Z of the Occult Cox, Simon and Foster, Mark Amazon
Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquirey into the Value of Work Crawford, Matthew B. Amazon
Secret of the Creative Vacuum, The: Man and the Energy Dance Davidson, John Amazon
Subtle Energy: Davidson, John Amazon
Web of Life, The: Life Force: The Energetic Constituton of Man and the Neuro-Endocrine Connnection Davidson, John Amazon
Eye Of Shiva, The: Eastern Mysticism And Science De Riencourt, Amaury Amazon
Earthmind: A Modern Adventure in Ancient Wisdom Devereux, Paul & John Steele, David Kubrin Amazon
Cycles: The Mysterious Forces that Trigger Events Dewey, Edward R.
Cosmic Conspiracy, The Deyo, Stan Amazon
Vindicator Scrolls, The Volume One Deyo, Stan Amazon
If You Find This World Bad, You Should See Some of the Others: Issue 10, February 2004 Dick, Philip K.
Messages From Water: Emoto, Masaru (Trans.: David A. Thayne) Amazon
Up-Wingers: A Futurist Manifesto Esfandiary, F. M. Amazon
Man Into Superman Ettinger, R. C. W. Amazon
Grid of the Gods Farrell, Joseph P. (with Scott D. de Hart Amazon
Natural Grace: Dialogues on creation, darkness, and the soul in spirituality and science Fox, Matthew and Sheldrake, Rupert Amazon
Bridging Science and Spirit: Common Elements in Bohm's Physics, the Perennial Philosophy and Seth Friedman, Norma Amazon
Something in This Book Is True Frissell, Bob Amazon
Gateways to the Otherworld: The Secrets Beyond the Final Journey, from the Egyptian Underworld to the Gates in the Sky Gardiner, Philip Amazon
Serpent Grail, The Gardiner, Philp with Gary Osborn Amazon
Redneck Manifesto, The Goad, Jim Amazon
Self-Aware Universe, The: How Consciousness Creates The Material World Goswami, Amit Harman, Willis Amazon
Ancient Wisdom And Modern Science Grof, Stanislav (Ed.) Amazon
Planetary Mysteries: Revised Edition Grossinger, Richard Amazon
Planetary Mysteries Grossinger, Richard Amazon
God and the New Metaphysics Gruning, Herb Amazon
Futurlogics: A System of Prospective Thinking Hall, James N.
Global Mind Change Harman, Willis Amazon
Incomplete Guide To The Future, An Harman, Willis W.
Daimonic Reality: A field guide to the Otherworld Harpur, Patrick Amazon
Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches: The Riddles of Culture Harris, Marvin Amazon
Gentle Bridges: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on The Sciences of Mind Hayward, Jeremy Amazon
Shifting Worlds Changing Minds: Where The Sciences and Buddhism Meet Hayward, Jeremy Amazon
Opening Minds: a journey of extraordinary encounters, crop circles, and resonance Hein, Simeon Amazon
Starwalkers and the Dimension of the Blessed Henry, William Amazon
Gods' Whisper, Creation's Thunder Hines, Brian Amazon
Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid Hofstadter, Douglas R. Amazon
Alien Intelligence Holroyd, Stuart Amazon
Arkana Dictionary of New Perspectives Holroyd, Stuart Amazon
Walk on Water Horowitz, Dr. Leonard Amazon
Jump Time: Shaping Your Future in A World of Radical Change Houston, Jean Amazon
Modern Physics and Vedanta Jitatmananda, Swami
Creative Imperative, The: a four-dimensional theory of human growth & planetary evolution Johnston, Charles Amazon
11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon: Meaning beind mysterious signs, sequences, and synchronicities Jones, Marie D. and Flaxman, Larry Amazon
Looking In, Seeing Out: Consciousness And Cosmos Kafatos, Menas Amazon
Voices And Visions: Talks By Sam Keen (Interviews) Keen, Sam Amazon
Physics And The Alchemy Of Consciousness Khan, Pir Vilayat Inayat Amazon
Universal Traveler, The: A Soft Systems Guide To Creativity, Problem-Solving, and the Process of Design Koberg, Dan and Jim Bagnall Amazon
Sacred Ground To Sacred Space: Visionary Ecology, Perennial Wisdom, Environmental Ritual And Art Kryder, Rowena Pattee Amazon
Human Robots And Holy Mechanics: Reclaiming Our Souls In A Machine World Kyle, David T. Amazon
Grow or Die: The Unifying Principle of Transformation Land, George T.L. Amazon
Mindstyles/Lifestyles: a comprehensive over-view of today's life-changing philosophies Lande, Nathaniel Amazon
Sun-Earth-Man: A Mesh Of Cosmic Oscillations: How Planets Regulate Solar Eruptions, Geomagnetic Storms, Conditions Of Life, And Economic Cycles Landscheidt, Theodor Amazon
Akashic Experience, The: science and the cosmic memory field Laszlo, Ervin Amazon
Science and the Akashic Field: an integral theory of everything Laszlo, Ervin Amazon
Beyond The Big Bang: Ancient Myth and The Science of Continuous Creation Laviolette, Paul A Amazon
Ideas the Editor Didn't Want: Final Lecture Nores of the Baron Deitrich von Puttenkammer: On the origin of consciousness through the study of phonetic fossils Lerman, Rhoda
Ethic For The Age Of Space, An Leshan, Lawrence Amazon
Evolutionary Agenda for the Third Millenium, An: a primer fo the mutation of consciousness Lithman, Alan Sasha Amazon
People Of The Web: What indian mounds,ancient rituals, and stone circles tell us about modern UFO abductions, apparitions, and the near death experience Little, Gregory Amazon
History of The Future Lorie, Peter, Murray-Clark, Sidd Amazon
Ages Of Gaia: A Biography Of Our Living Earth Lovelock, James Amazon
Sphinx and The Rainbow: Brain, Mind, and Future Vision Loye David Amazon
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television Mander, Jerry Amazon
Key To The Physical Structure Of The World, The: The Logos In Geography, The Martin, Roland R.
Opening Eye, The McGillion, Frank Amazon
Medium is The Massage, The McLuhan, Marshall & Quentin Fiore Amazon
War And Peace In The Global Village Mcluhan, Marshall & Quentin Fiore
Living in the Heart (w/ cd) Melchizedek, Drunvalo Amazon
Geomagnetics and Consciousness: Geomagnetic Field Effects and Human Psychophysiology - Part I Miller, Iona
Year 1, The: Global Process Work Mindell, Arnold Amazon
Thinking Allowed: conversations on the leading edge of knowledge Mishlove, Jeffrey Amazon
Anarchic Harmony: The Spirituality of Social Disobedience Murray, William Amazon
High Tech High Touch: Technology and our search for meaning Naisbitt, John
Cyclonopedia: complicity with anonymouse materials Negarestani Amazon
Miracle in the Void: Free Energy, UFO's and Other Scientific Revelations O'Leary, Brian Dr. Amazon
Mind Field, The: A Personal Essay Ornstein Robert E
Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit Pearce, Joseph Chilton Amazon
Man's Rage For Chaos: biology, behavior and the arts Peckham, Morse
Cycles Of Heaven, The: Cosmic Forces and What They are Doing to You Playfair, Guy L. Amazon
Game of Wizards: Boots of Consciousness and the Esoteric Arts Ponce, Charles Amazon
Order Out Of Chaos: Man's New Dialogue With Nature Prigogine, Ilya Amazon
Quantum and the Lotus, The: A Journey to the frontiers where science and buddhism meet Ricard, Matthieu and Thuan, Trinh Xuan Amazon
Homonovus: The New Man Richards, Fred and Richards, Anne Cohen Amazon
Unpopular Science: An annatural book about natural phenomena Rosenblum, Arthur Amazon
Global Brain Awakens, The: our next evolutionary leap Russell, Peter Amazon
Global Brain, The Russell, Peter Amazon
Waking Up In Time Russell, Peter Amazon
White Hole In Time, The: Our Future Evolution and the Meaning Of Now Russell, Peter Amazon
Seeing With The Mind's Eye Samuels, Mike Amazon
Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: mathmatical archetypes of nature, art and science Schneider, Michael S. Amazon
Human Connection And The New Media Schwartz, Barry N (Ed._ Amazon
Orphic Voice, The: Poetry and Natural History Sewell, Elizabeth Amazon
Presence of the Past, The: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature Sheldrake, Rupert Amazon
Rebirth of Nature, The: The Greening of Science and God Sheldrake, Rupert Amazon
Alphabet versus The Goddess, The Shlain, Leonard Amazon
Future Lives-A fearless guide to Our transition times: A fearless guide to Our transition times Simmons, J.L. Amazon
Participatory Universe,The: A New Theory Of Knowledge And The Universe Skolimowski, Henryk Amazon
Kairos Point, the Smithson, Alan Amazon
Omega Seed, The: An Eschatological Hypothesis; New Writings By The Architect Of Arcosanti Soleri, Paolo Amazon
Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life and Work of Jose Arguelles South, Stephanie Amazon
High Weirdness by Mail: A Directory of the Fringe Stang, Ivan, Rev Amazon
Mysticism And The New Physics: Talbot, Michael Amazon
Meru Project, The Tennon, Stan
Imaginary Landscape: Making Worlds Of Myth And Science Thompson, William Irwin Amazon
Passages About Earth: An Exploration of the New Planetary Culture Thompson, William Irwin Amazon
Darkness And Scattered Light Thompson, Williiam Irwin Amazon
Time and Space: Mysteries of the Unknown Time-Life Books Amazon
Physics Of Immortality: Modern Cosmology, God,And The Resurrection Of The Dead Tipler, Frank J Amazon
Space-Time and Beyond: Toward an Explanation of the Unexplainable Toben, Bob and Fred Alan Wolf Amazon
Space-Time and Beyond (new edition) Toben, Bob and Fred Alan Wolf Amazon
Psyche, Culture, And The New Science: The Role of PN Tomlin, E.W.F. Amazon
Ware Soku Kami Nari: I am a Divine Being Unknown
Millennium: Glimpses Into The 21st Century Villoldo, Alberto Amazon
Reality Revealed: The Theory Of Multidimensional Reality Vogt, Doug and Gary Sullivan Amazon
Metapatterns: Across Space, Time, And Mind Volk, Tyler Amazon
Solarian Legacy: Metascience and a New Renaissance Von Ward, Paul Amazon
20 Tablets of the Law of Time, The: Sixteen year Telektonon Cube of the Law Votan, Valum (Jose Arguelles
Choosing Reality: a buddhist view of physics and the mind Wallace, B. Alan Amazon
Tao of Chaos: Merging East and West Walter, Katya Amazon
Universe Of Experience, The: a world view beyond science and religion Whyte, Lancelot Law Amazon
Brief History of Everything, A: second edition Wilber, Ken Amazon
Marriage of Sense and Soul, The: Integrating Science and Religion Wilber, Ken Amazon
Spectrum of Consciousness, The Wilber, Ken Amazon
Theory of Everything: An integral Vision for business, Politics, Science and Spirituality Wilber, Ken Amazon
Source Field Investigations, The Wilcock, David Amazon
Spiritual Universe, The: How Quantum Physics Proves the Existence of the Soul Wolf, Fred Alan Amazon
Star Wave: Mind, Consciousness, and Quantum Physics Wolf, Fred Alan Amazon
Unknown Man: The Mysterious Birth Of A New Species Yatri Amazon
Bell Notes, The: A Journey from Physics to Metaphysics Young,. Arthur M. Amazon
Dancing Wu-Li Masters, The: An Overview of the new physics Zukav, Gary Amazon

65.1 Buckminster Fuller

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Cosmic Fishing: An Account Of Writing Synergetics With Buckminster Fuller Applewhite, E.J.
Critical Path Fuller, R. Buckminster Amazon
Earth, Inc Fuller, R. Buckminster Amazon
Ideas and Integrities Fuller, R. Buckminster Amazon
Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth Fuller, R. Buckminster
Synergetics 2: Further explorations in the geometry of thinking Fuller, R. Buckminster Amazon
Tetrascroll: Goldilocks And The Three Bears: A Cosmic Fairy Tale Fuller, R. Buckminster Amazon
Untitled Epic Poem On The History Of Industialization Fuller, R. Buckminster Amazon
Utopia Or Oblivion: The Prospects For Humanity Fuller, R. Buckminster
Mind's Eye Of Buckminster Fuller, The Robertson, Donald Amazon
Buckminster Fuller: An Autobiographical Monologue Scenario Snyder, Robert Amazon
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