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6 Ancient Egypt

6.1 Ancient Africa

Keys of Egypt: Obsession to Decipher Egyptian Hieroglyphs Adins, Lesley and Roy Amazon
Egyptians, The Aldred, Cyril Amazon
Jewels Of The Pharaohs: Egyptian Jewelry Of The Dynastic Period Aldred, Cyril Amazon
Phoenix Solution, The Alford, Alan Amazon
Egyptian Mythology Ames, Delano, (trans)
Egypt - Exploring the Ancient Treasures of the Nile - 2001: Travel Brochure for an ocean cruise Anonymous
Solved Secrets of the Pyramid of Cheops: Astounding Recent discoveries Austin, Marshall
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, The Barrett, Clive Amazon
World of the Pharaohs, The Baumann, Hans
Secret Chamber: The Qwest for the Hall of Records Bauval, Robert Amazon
Orion Mystery, The: unlocking the secrets of the pyramids Bauval, Robert & Adrian Gilbert Amazon
Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt Bauval, Robert & Thomas Brophy Amazon
Breaking the Mirror of Heaven: The Conspiracy to Suppress the Voice of Ancient Egypt Bauval, Robert and Ahmed Osman Amazon
Soul of Ancient Egypt, The: Restoring the Spiritual Engine of the World Bauval, Robert and Osman, Ahmed Amazon
Dramatic Prophecies of the Great Pyramid: Translation of the 11th Edition which appeared in Mexico, 1970 Benavides, Rodolfo
Dramatic Prophecies of the Great Pyramid Benavides, Rodolfo
Search For The Gold Of Tutankhamen, The Brackman, Arnold C. Amazon
Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt Breasted, J.H.
Ancient Egyptian Magic: For everyone interested in parapsychology and th occult… magical spells, incantations, potions, short stories, and rituals that dominated the lives of ancient Egyptians Brier, Bob Amazon
Murder of Tutankhamen Brier, Bob Amazon
General Introductory Guide to the Egyptian Collections in the British Museum, A British Museum Amazon
Book of the Dead: Papyrus of Ani Budge, E. A. Wallis Amazon
Egyptian Heaven and Hell Budge, E. A. Wallis Amazon
Egyptian Magic Budge, E. A. Wallis Amazon
Egyptian Religion: Egyptian ideas of the future life Budge, E. A. Wallis Amazon
Gods Of The Egyptians, The, Vol 2: Studies in Egyptian Mythology Budge, E. A. Wallis Amazon
Gods Of The Egyptians, The, Vol. 1: Studies in Egyptian Mythology Budge, E. A. Wallis Amazon
Osiris and The Egyptian Resurrection Volume 1 Budge, E.A. Wallis Amazon
Of Gods and Miracles: Wondrous Tales of the Ancient Egyptian Carrington, Ulrich Steindorff
Egyptian Craft Guild Initiations Carroll, James L
Tomb Of Tutankhamen, The Carter, Howard Amazon
Ancient Egypt Casson, Lionel Et Al
Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt Clark, R. T. Rundle Amazon
Heretic Pharaoh, The: The Life of Akhenaten Collier, Joh Amazon
Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy: the truth behind acrchaeology's greatest mystey Collins, Andrew and Chris Ogilvie-Herald Amazon
Faith of Ancient Egypt Coryn, Sidney G. P.
Search For Omm Sety, The Cott, Jonathan Amazon
Isis and Osiris: Exploring the Goddess Myth Cott, Jonathon Amazon
Search for Omm Sety, The Cott, Jonathon Amazon
Lost Pharoahs Cottrell, Leonard Amazon
Egyptian Kingdoms, The: The Making of the Past David, A Rosalie
Pyramids, The: An Enigma Solved Davidovits, Dr. Joseph and Morris, Margie Amazon
Egyptian Art: An Introduction De Rachelwiltz, Boris
Tutankhamen Desroches, Nobecount, C
Egyptian Museum - Cairo Donadoni, Sergio
Mysterious Pyramid Power Ebon, Martin (ed.)
Pyramids Of Egypt, The Edwards, I. E. S. Amazon
Treasures of Tutankhamun, The Edwards, I. E. S. Amazon
Tutankhamun: His Tomb and Its Treasures Edwards, I. E. S. Amazon
Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead Ellis, Normandi Amazon
Union of Isis and Thoth, The: Magic and Initatory Practices of Ancient Egypt Ellis, normandi and Nicky Scully Amazon
Mystery Of The Pyramids, The Evans, Humphrey Amazon
Pyramids, The Fakhry, Ahmed Amazon
Pyramid Odyssey Fix, William R Amazon
Way to Eternity, The: Egyptian Myth (Myth and Mankind - vol 2) Fleming, Fergus Amazon
Hermetica, The: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharoahs Freke, Timothy and Gandy, Peter Amazon
Egypt Of The Pharaohs Gardiner, Alan Amazon
Treasures Of Tutankhamen Gilbert, Katharine Stoddert Amazon
Mummy of Ramose, The: Life and Death of an ancient Egyptian Nobleman Glubok, Shirley and Tamarin, Alfred Amazon
Pharoahs of the Sun (magazine article): National Geographic april, 2001 Gore, Rick
Lord Of The Horizon: "A far memory book" Grant, Joan
So Moses Was Born Grant, Joan
Winged Pharaoh Grant, Joan Amazon
Leyden Papyrus, The: An Egyptian Magical Book Griffith, F. Li. Amazon
Soul in Egyptian Metaphysics,The and The Book of The Dead Hall, Manly P.
Egyptian Mythology Hamlyn, Paul
Ancient Egypt Hart, George Amazon
Egypt Before the Pharaohs Hoffman, Michael A. Amazon
Ancient Wisdom of Egypt: Hope, Murry Amazon
Sirius Connection, The: unlocking the secrets of ancient egypt Hope, Murry Amazon
Tutankhamun: The Untold Story Hoving, Thomas Amazon
Egyptian Mysteries: An Account of an Initiation Iamblichus Amazon
Sphinx and the Megaliths, The Ivimy, John Amazon
Ancient Egypt: The Land and Its Legacy James, T.G.H. Amazon
Ancient Magic of the Pyramids, The Johnson, Ken Amazon
Ancient Egpyt: Anatomy of a Civilization Kemp, Barry J. Amazon
Problem Of The Pyramid, The Kenney-Herbert, A.
Egyptian Mysteries: New light on ancient spiritual knowledge Lamy, Lucie Amazon
Giza - The Truth Lawton, Ian and Ogilvie -HeraldChris Amazon
Great Pyramid, The: Your Personal Guide Lemesurier, Peter Amazon
Mysteries of the Pyramid Lewis, David
Dawn of Astronomy, The: A Study of the Temple Worship and Mythology of the Ancient Egyptians Lockyer, J. Norman
Secrets of the Pharaohs McMahan, Ian Amazon
From Light Into Darkness: The Evolution of Religion in Ancient Egypt Mehler, Stephen S. Amazon
Land of Osiris, The Mehler, Stephen S. Amazon
Riddle of the Pyramids, The Mendelssohn, Kurt Amazon
Cosmic Light and Power of the Great Pyramid, The Mooney, Michael
Egyptian Religion Morenz, Siegfried Amazon
Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts: The Mystical Tradition of Ancient Egypt Naydler, Jeremy Amazon
Life Force In The Great Pyramids. Nelson, Dee and David H. Coville Amazon
Stranger in the Valley of the Kings: Solving the Mystery of an Ancient Egyptian Mummy Osman, Ahmed Amazon
Wrapped For Eternity: The story of the egyptian mummy Pace, Mildred Mastin
Act of God: Moses, Tutankhamun and the Myth of Atlantis Philllips, Graham Amazon
Egyptian Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses, and Traditions of Ancient Egypt Pinch, Geraldine Amazon
Mysteries Of The Great Pyramids, The Pochan, A. Amazon
Dictionary of Egyptian Civilization Posener, George
Introduction to Egyptology, An Putnam, James Amazon
Pyramid Putnam, James Amazon
Rebel in the Soul: A dialogue between doubt and mystical Knowledge Reed, Bika Amazon
Great Pyramid And Its Builders, The Robinson, Lytle W.
Great Mysteries of Archeology - Tutankhamun Rossi, R Amazon
Egyptian Hieroglyphics: How to read and write them Rossini, Stephane Amazon
Christian Message of the Great Pyramid: A simple explanation Rutherford, Adam
Great Pyramid, Book 2, A New Revelation in the Great Pyramid Rutherford, Adam
Great Pyramid, Book 3, Armageddon Rutherford, Adam
Great Pyramid, Book 4, The Saviour of the World Rutherford, Adam
Great Pyramid, Book1, The Divine Blueprint and The Bible in Stone Rutherford, Adam
Pharaonic Egypt (Guide Book) Saad, Zaki
Paramarthasara of Adi Sesa Sastri, S.S. Suryanarayanamn (ed. And transl.) Amazon
Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate Schwaller de Lubicz, Isha Amazon
Her-Bak: The Living Face of Ancient Egypt Schwaller de Lubicz, Isha Amazon
Egyptian Miracle, The: An Introduction to the Wisdom of the Temple Schwaller de Lubicz, R.A Amazon
Esoterism and Symbol Schwaller de Lubicz, R.A Amazon
Sacred Science: The King of Pharaonic Theocracy Schwaller de Lubicz, R.A Amazon
Temple in Man,The: Sacred Architecture and the Perfect Man Schwaller de Lubicz, R.A Amazon
Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess Scully, Nicki Amazon
Great Pyramid of Egypt, The: a miracle in stone Seiss, Joseph A.
Great Pyramid, The: A Miracle in Stone Seiss, Joseph A., D.D. Amazon
Death Of Gods In Ancient Egypt, The: An Essay on Egyptian Religion and the Fram of Time Sellers, Jane B. Amazon
Miracle Of The Ages.: Great Pyramid of Giza Smith, Worth
Great Pyramid Smyth, Piazzi Amazon
Mysteries of Egypt Spence, Lewis Amazon
Great Pyramid, The: Its Construction, Symbolism And Chronology Stewart, Basil
History And Significance Of The Great Pyramid Stewart, Basil
Egypt: Land Of The Pharaohs Time-Life Books
Age of God-Kings, The: TimeFrame 3000-1500 BC Time-Life Books (George Constable, editor) Amazon
Secrets of the Great Pyramid: The Adventures and Discoveries of the Explorers and Scientists Tompkins, Peter Tompkins, Peter Amazon
Great Pyramid, The: Man's Monument to Man Valentine, Tom Amazon
Curse of the Pharoahs, The Vandenberg Philipp
Al-Kemi: A Memoir: Hermetic, Occult, Political, And Private Aspects Of R. A. Schwaller De Lubicz Vandenbroeck, Andre Amazon
Eyes of the Sphinx: Newest Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact in Ancient Egypt Von Daniken, Erich Amazon
Origin and Significance of the Great Pyramid Wake, C. Staniland Amazon
Stone of the Plough, The Walker, Ann Amazon
Serpent in The Sky West, John Anthony
From Adam to Eternity Wilkins, Kenneth D.
Symbol and Magic in Egyptian Art Wilkinson, Richard H. Amazon
Ancient Egyptians, The, Vol 1: Their Life and Customs Wilkinson, Sir J. Gardner Amazon
Behind the Mask of Tutankhamen Wynne, Barry Amazon

6.1 Ancient Africa

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Rock Art of Southern Africa Cooke, C. K.
Tales of Yoruba Gods and Heroes Courlander, Harold Amazon
Lost Cities of Africa, The Davidson, Basil
African Presence in Early Asia Rashidi, Runoko (ed.) Amazon
Science of the Dogon, The: decoding the African mystery tradition Scranton, Laird Amazon
African Presence in Early America Sertima, Ivan Van (ed.) Amazon
Egypt Revisited Sertima, Ivan Van (ed.) Amazon
Africa's Glorious Legacy Time-life books Amazon
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