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April 7, 2014


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Jungian Tarot Class Wednesdays

Wednesday Evening Tarot Class

Facilitated by Kathy Eckert, MSW

Wednesdays, 7 pm to 9 pm, $7

We will go into the importance of Tarot symbols in the goal of personal self-understanding Jung called Individuation)

 All experience levels are welcome and appropriate.

Email Kathy at if you want more information.

Susan Kornacki

Friday, April 10, 2015

7:30 pm at the Library

Susan Kornacki is a leader in the area of transformation and human consciousness, and a close associate of Nassim Haramein (The Resonance Project). She is a UFO contactee.

She will be in Seattle next week, and has graciously agreed take the time to do an informal talk and Q&A period at the Seattle Metaphysical Library

. This talk has been put together in coordination with the Seattle UFO Network

This is a small venue, and filling rapidly.  Please RSVP if you want to be put on a wait list.  Seats will open at 7:20.  Please include extra time to find a place to park, it’s very difficult to park in Ballard at dinnertime.

There is no charge for this meeting but a $5 donation to the library would be appreciated.

Susan's website:

The Resonance Project:

The Wisdom of Hypatia Book Discussion and Tea

Saturday, April 18

11AM – 1PM

(Note – the Library will open two hours later on that day.)

Cherry Hill Seminary and Seattle Metaphysical Library invite you to a discussion of Bruce MacLennan’s The Wisdom of Hypatia over tea, tea sandwiches, scones, jams, and petite desserts. We even have a discussion guide written by the author.

If you would like to purchase the book online, please use the Cherry Hill Seminary Amazon Smile account at /.

We will also have a couple of copies available at the library to borrow by April 8th.

You do not have to have read the book to attend! Cherry Hill Seminary and the Seattle Metaphysical Library invite you to talk about our favorite Pagan philosopher-teacher. Find out more about the amazing resources available at the Seattle Metaphysical Library and Cherry Hill Seminary!

In addition, MacLennan will also be the guest of Cherry Hill Seminary for an online salon for Cherry Hill Seminary friends and Hypatia Society members in May.

For more information, contact Dana Doerksen at or (206) 919-2666.

History Redux

Revisionist History Study Group

Monday, April 20   7 – 8:30 pm

Free for members, $5 for non-members.


We are continuing on with the Book of the Hopi – no one finished it, and we want to!  This was written in 1969, as told by Hopi elders to Frank Waters. It starts with their cosmology of how the world began, then tells the story of the increasing materialism of people, until the Creator feels it necessary to destroy the world – three time!

Now we are in the fourth world, and the Hopi remember their story as they climbed out from the safety of the earth, to travel the four directions.  They describe their travels through North and South American, explaining the meaning of the pictographs they left on the rocks.

Since this book was written in the 60s, there is more comparative studies to relate these tales to than were available then.  We enjoy comparing the stories of the Hopi with the other books we are reading.


You are welcome to join us in April as we discuss the Book of the Hopi.

As always, it is not necessary to have read the book; those who have read it are glad to share what they have learned.

Member Events

Our members can let people know about their events in our newsletter and on line.

New Books

Enochian Magic and the Higher Worlds: Beyond the Realm of the Angels

John DeSalvo Ph.D.

There is a very interesting interview with DeSalvo on, dated March 3, 2011, but it is behind a paywall.  DeSalvo has been studying the works of Jhn Dee and Edward Kelley, who received a magic system transmitted by angels in the 16th century, but who did not receive the entire system.  DeSalvo as discovered additional pieces, and explains and demonstrates this higher magic.

Community Events

                            The Electric Universe

Join us at EU2015 for a four-day exploration of interdisciplinary science, an event designed to break the bounds of conventionality. Discover the universal role of the electric force, from microcosm to macrocosm, where virtually every new surprise points us in the same direction. And find your own connections within a movement that will shape the future of science.

You are invited to join Michael Cremo on the Spirit of Alaska Holistic Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea from June 12 to 19, 2015 on the incredible Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas, sailing from Seattle, WA to the stunning glaciers of Alaska.

The Spirit of Alaska Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea commences on a luxury cruise ship during our seven-day cruise, in conference rooms on the ship, and during our port calls in Alaska.

- Join us on an incredible cruise and seminar-at-sea as we sail from Seattle to the awe-inspiring glaciers and ports of Alaska.

- Be a part of a spiritual conference at sea, with speakers, readers, healers, and exhibitors.

- Experience the indigenous Alaskan culture and discover the tradition of Shamanism in Alaska and worldwide.

- Enjoy 7 days of bliss, as we sail into higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.

- Practice yoga, enjoy healthy food, and participate in awesome spiritual workshops and activities.

- View the crisp, starlit Alaskan sky with a nightly UFO Starwatch.

- Make new friends, gain greater wisdom, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Participants, please list Michael Cremo as your referral when you register!

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