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Astrology Classes

Wednesdays, November 11 through December 2 (4 weeks)

7:00-8:30 pm at the Library

Price for Course: $70.00

Early Sign-Up for SML Members

(before November 5) $55.00 

Price per Class: $20.00

Members Discount price $15.00

Our space is small, priority will be given in the order signed up.

At last, after many requests, we are very pleased to announce that we have a wonderful astrologer to conduct astrology classes. This course is designed for newcomers, as well as for those who wish to consolidate what they have learned in the past within a structured course of study

Classes will be conducted by Solyluna, who has been a professional astrologer for over 30 years with an international clientele. 

She has a practical approach to the art and craft of astrology. She understands that the attendees will have varying levels of knowledge, and will adjust the Syllabus accordingly.

Whether you are interested in astrology as a tool for self-development, or to take it further to professional development, everyone starts with the fundamentals of this fascinating subject. The goal is to build knowledge and to learn to use astrology with skill and confidence.

Class I - A brief introduction to the solar system, the seasonal year, and the astronomical basis of time, to be followed by a review of each student's Natal Chart.*

For this we suggest you bring a copy of your own Natal Chart, if you have one. If you do not, and would like to have one, you can order a copy from the Instructor, Solyluna. See details below.

Class II - The Planets and their symbols.

Class III - Signs and Houses, with special attention to the Ascendant, sometimes called the Rising Sign. The Ascendant, the degree of the First House, is the most important point in a Natal chart.

Class IV - Synthesizing of Planets, Signs and Houses, and an Introduction to Aspects.

Solyluna encourages the use of astrology sites on-line for those who have access. She will be including pertinent addresses throughout the courses to the best sites for those who wish to further their studies by perusing special subjects. 

* For this we suggest you bring a copy of your own Natal Chart, if you have one. If you do not, and would like to have one, you can order a copy from the Instructor, Solyluna. Be prepared with all Birth details, Name, Date, Time (extremely important to be as accurate as possible), and Place of Birth before you call

You can call Solyluna directly for any questions you have about the course or classes @ 206-284-1544. 

Overview of the Librarys collection of books on Lost Civilizations and the Hidden History of the Human Race

Monday, November 8, 7 pm

There is much evidence that the history of humanity is not what we learned in school. We have many books in different sections of the library that touch on this, demonstrating that there must have been at least one world-wide, high civilization before the last Ice Age. The Library has a number of these books, including books by Michael Cremo, Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, Zecharia Sitchin, books on the Face on Mars, as well as books examining ancient myths and stories that show a common, ancient origin for deep astronomical understandings, and ancient, lost cities.

Get an overview of these different authors, and what they have to say. We will stay focused on the books the Library has, so you dont have to go out and buy the book. You might as well take advantage of the benefits of membership in the Library!

Our space is small priority will go to those who have registered ahead of time.

Saturday, November 14


Intuitive and Psychic card reader since 1976

.Available for personal readings between 1 pm and 5 pm

Please note: We do not have a private room for these readings


Darci will facilitate a special presentation on those Saturday evenings

Chakra Clearing and Cord Removing Meditations

These were requested by Arch Angel St. Michael for your ascension process.

Starting at 5:30 pm

Colby Wilk

Raise Your Vibration

Thursday, December 3


$5 suggested donation

In this interactive, practical workshop learn how to shift your energy field into a more open, grounded and balanced state.  Colby Wilk, Spiritual Healer will do verifiable healing work with everyone in the room simultaneously, as well as work with individuals to heal blocks to higher realms of consciousness.

Tap directly into your highest self by changing your brain waves. 

Maintain a high frequency in challenging circumstances. 

Increase mental clarity, reduce mental clutter.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual Healer 


Womb Wellness Workshop

Lady Finex -

Saturday, January 23, 2010

10:30 am 12:30 pm

$5 suggested donation

Heavy and negative emotions can get stored in the female reproductive organs causing many imbalances including shutting down the heart center.  From an energetic and spiritual perspective, the body is always trying to release what she no longer needs.  Discover a whole new you by getting in touch with your womb, transforming the energy of it, and walk as the divine beauty that you are.

      Remove the energy from sexual activity

      Remove stagnant and suppressed emotional energy

      Remove residue energy from still-borns and abortions

      Remove trauma from the womb including from surgery

      Connect with the Divine Goddess Principle

      Restore the connection between the heart and the womb

      Activate the 7 circuits of light and the light body of the womb

      Harbor the energy from Mama Earth and redirect it with dance

      Open the palace of the womb

Work Exchange Opportunity

The Prophets Conference is offering a Work Exchange for people who would like to attend this conference in January, but are stymied by the cost. Click here for more details.


For those of you who would prefer to see the entire conference, click here for more details.

Full disclosure: We get a percentage if you purchase anything.

Interesting News Heliosphere shrinking

The Heliosphere is a magnetic field that surrounds the sun, and usually extends out as far as Neptune, protects the earth and its denizens from damaging cosmic rays. Lately, the sun has been at a solar minimum, and the heliosphere is weakening. This is raising havoc not only with earth-orbit satellites, but may also signal changes to the earths weather patterns. More at the New Scientist here.


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