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Support the Library

The Seattle Metaphysical Library is a non-profit, subscription-based organization.  All work is done by volunteers. Our rent, utilities, and office supplies are paid for by donations and by the subscription fees. 
Benefits of Subscribing Only subscribers are allowed to check materials out of the library. In addition to over 12,000 books, we have hundreds of magazines, audio and video tapes, CDs and DVDs.

In addition to borrowing materials, subscription also entitles you to:
 * A link to your website:  We have a Supporter Links page, available for all supporters who want to get the word out about their work.
 * A brief announcement in the next newsletter to help get the word out about work you are doing, advertise your website, or anything else you would like to let our newsletter subscribers know about. The newsletter subscriptions are free.
Note: Our websist is manually maintained - if we don't remember to add your link or ad, please send a reminder email to newsletter at seattle Metaphysical Library dot com. Thanks


A One-Year, 3 book Subscription, $50. You may borrow up to three items at a time, for up to three weeks. Items may be renewed as many times as you wish, if no one else has put a request in for them.
A One-Year Shared Subscription, $60. Two people may share a subscription, and borrow a total three items at a time, for up to three weeks.Items may be renewed as many times as you wish, if no one else has put a request n for them. Each person is responsible for all items checked out by either person, so please be willing to accept responsibility for the material checked out by the other person on your shared account.
Lifetime three-item Subscription, $500. Just what it sounds like.

Freewill Donation - Help support the Library

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Monthly Donation

Click here Build up our rent fund. We need to make sure we can continue to live in Seattlle.

Check or Credit Cards

You may mail a check or credit card payment to:
Seattle Metaphysical Library
2220 NW Market St #L-05
Seattle, WA 98107

We work with people’s interests and needs. We are small enough to be flexible with our borrowing policies, and also be responsible stewards of the material we are holding – we will require positive ID to lend books out, and we may require a deposit or credit card number for the more rare and valuable books, much as a video store that rents out rare videos may require a deposit.