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Monday, June 19, 2011

All events are at the Library, 2220 NW Market Street, Lower Level, unless otherwise noted

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Manifest Change with EFT and Intentional Theta

Saturday, June 25

Saturday, July 2

10:30 am until noon




Combining EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Theta meditation can yield extremely powerful positive results

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Beginners Welcome -- the process is easy to follow.

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Dream Machine

Led by Jaxob Crider

Thursdays, July 7 and July 21          7:00 pm

$5 donation to support the library is suggested

The Dream Machine is a cylinder attached to an old-fashion record-player that spins at about 78 revolutions per minute. The cylinder has precisely cut out holes that produce a stroboscopic effect when the cylinder is revolved around a bright light.

Besides the trippy visual effects the device is said to induce lucid dreaming and intense daydreaming. It promotes a trancelike serenity, intensifies creativity and insight and even uncovers suppressed memories. More...

UFO over cityUFO Discussion Group

An informal, fun Saturday-night salon

Saturday, July 25

6:30 pm

Crop Circles

Margaret Bartley will present her photos and recount her experiences visiting the highly-active Wiltshire region of England during crop circle season.  This short presentation will be followed by and Q and A, and general discussion group.  Bring finger food and beverages to share.

Recent arrivals

These books are available for loan to members, or to read onsite for the general public.

 Unplugging the Patriarchy

Just below the surface of our modern world lurks a hidden energy structure created purposefully, during the 5,000-year Patriarchy, to limit the consciousness of each and every human being. When three women trained in the mystical arts unite to take this structure apart, they are catapulted into the corridors of power, the recesses of their own minds, and the expanding consciousness of a new age.

Unplugging the Patriarchy reveals an x-ray view of the world in which we live. It is a testament to feminine power, service, and love—an unforgettable novel that will inspire you to unplug the Patriarchy within yourself.

The Bardo Guidebook

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Marcia Binder Schmidt and Erik Pema Kunsang.

Existence is an endless cycle of experience called the four bardos. These four periods include our present life, the process of dying, the after-death experience, and the quest for a new rebirth. Drawing from his intimate knowledge of the innermost Vajrayana teachings, the Tibetan master Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche presents in The Bardo Guidebook straightforward, direct instructions on how to deal with the four bardos.

 Basic Illustrated Wilderness First Aid (Basic Essentials Series)

William Forgey


For the novice and veteran.  Discover how to:

  • Assemble an outdoor first-aid kit of essential items
  • Soothe bites and stings
  • Deal with hot and cold injuries
  • Wrap sprains, fractures, and dislocated joints
  • Handle backcountry emergencies until professional medical help arrives

Fortress of the Muslim: Invocations from the Qur'an & Sunnah

sa'id bin wahf al-quahtani, 2004

An opportunity to see the prayers and supplications in English and in Arabic. Contains hundreds of prayers, organized by occasion and category.

From Our Blog

A Battle with Acute Radiation Poisoning

By Maria Abdin

.. Since I didn't feel any ill effects at that time, I went back to sleep. Two weeks later, however, I was very, very tired. I had lost 20 pounds and couldn't stand the sight of food. I do not know what kind of radiation I was exposed to, only that it was "radioactive". As I write this, it is now 9 months after that event. The material which follows is presented in the hopes that it may be of some assistance to others dealing with radiation sickness.    More…

Interesting websites

GMO foods and organic agriculture

Edgar Cayce did life readings for people during the 1940s and 1930s that often discussed past lives.  Various authors have combed through these transcriptions to extract the story Atlantis.


According these accounts, Atlantis was destroyed in a war, having to do with the result of genetic engineering.  The Atlantean scientists created human – animal hybrids, and the basic dispute between these two sides was whether or not these hybrid creatures had souls, and whether they could be owned as slaves.


Cayce often said during the life readings he gave that many people born at this time are coming back to revisit the same questions that destroyed the great Atlantis.


I often think about this when I read stories about genetically modify our food, and the attempt by agribiz to own and control the world’s food and seed.  To me, it puts it in an appropriately large frame of reference.


The control of our food supply is not *just* about controlling the world’s food, it is about controlling the very process of life itself.  It is something the public should be involved in.  Not only in the short-term, pragmatic point of view of not ingesting poison, but also in a larger , philosophical view of how much control of our life and planet are we gong to hand over to people who are obviously unworthy of such control.


The Food Freedom website ( is a good website that I would like to draw people’s attention to. They are paying attention to things that matter.  The specific article that prompted me to plug them in this newsletter is their article on how the organic food industry is being taken over by commercial interests, and how we me no longer be able to buy organic as a way to avoid these GMO foods. 


Community Events


Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge

Friday, September 30, 2011 5:00 PM - Sunday, October 02, 2011 12:30 PM

Hilton Sedona Resort and Spa

CPAK features presentations by authors, scientists, and independent researchers exploring the ancient idea that consciousness and history move in a vast cycle of time with alternating Dark and Golden Ages.  Plato called it: The Great Year.  This once universal belief, since relegated to fairy tale, is finding increasing support in new interpretations of myth and folklore, discoveries of anomalous artifacts, revisions of archeological site dating, astronomical insights, linguistic studies and new theories of consciousness


Please let me know if you might be interested joining us on a group trip, having fun and saving money.


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