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Seattle Metaphysical Library Events

Click the picture for a map to the Library in Ballard.

Click the picture for parking information and street views of the building in Ballard.

As always, we welcome the participation of new members and volunteers to help build a useful and valued community resource.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

with Dena Przybyla, EFT-ADV

Third Thursday of the month from 7pm to 8:30 pm
Next session is Thursday, September 17
(be sure to leave yourself time to find parking!)

We'll start with some Energy Medicine balancing exercises, then tap together using Borrowing Benefits for individual concerns while the whole group taps along. Get rapid relief from negative emotions in an energized group setting. "Borrowing Benefits" means you can tune in to your own issue privately and get relief, i.e. "borrow benefits" from someone else's tapping, even if it is a totally unrelated issue. Interestingly, each group always seems to draw together people with similar concerns.
We can tap on just about anything including more expansive concepts such as strengthening our Intuition and living in states of Love, Peace and Gratitude as much as possible... Join us for a powerful experience!

Beginners welcome -- you'll be taught the basic tapping points and be able to join right in.

Join the Library's mailing list to receive updates.

Note: EFT, while effective, gentle and safe, is still considered an experimental healing modality. By attending this or any other class offered here you agree to take full responsibility for your own well being and hold harmless Dena Przybyla, Gary Craig and the Seattle Metaphysical Library. When in doubt, consult your health care provider before using EFT or any alternative healing method.

Read more about Borrowing Benefits here: www.emofree.com/Archives/Archive47.htm

Learn more about EFT at the official EFT website:www.emofree.com

Dena's website:www.eft-seattle.com

Jungian Tarot Class Wednesdays

Tarot Class

Facilitated by Kathy Eckert, MSW

The Tarot group has been an incredibly spiritual bonding experience, not to mention just plain fun. Few if any of our classes have required any prior knowledge of the Tarot, but all have required a willingness to explore our own intuition. This series will again approach the Tarot from that viewpoint, learning about it by speaking its own language - that of symbolism..

The group has started a project to build a Seattle Metaphysical Library Tarot deck. If you would like to get involved with this, email Kathy at Kathy@seattlemetaphysicallibrary.org

Download Flyer

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Aliens and Human Origins

A study group

First Monday of each month.

The next group meets September 7, 7 pm
Free for members, $5 per session for the general pubic

The current book is "Gods of Eden" by William Bramley.
William Bramley is interested in why the human race seems to be in perpetual war. He looks back to the same earliest traditions the other books in this series has looked at - the genetic manipulation of earthly mammals with Sky People's DNA to create a devoted slave race, and the attempts since then to keep their creatures in check. Bramley spends much of his time looking at the various secret societies the Brotherhood of the Snake, a tool used by the Nephilim to control human development.
The latter part of the book focuses on the secret societies, banking interests and royal families that have had a hidden hand in the ongoing social development of the human race.

This covers much of the same material as some of the other books, but with a much broader scope. We will see how well researched and documented his information is.

You do not have read the book to attend the meeting, as those of us who have read the material will tell the group what we remember, as a way to learn and retain the new material we are reading.

Our Library has only one copy of this book, and it is checked out. If you don't want to buy it on the link (right), you can get a free download at is http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/serpents_dragons/boulay00e.htm.