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Seattle Metaphysical Library Events
Click the picture for a map to the Library in Ballard. Click the picture for parking information and street views of the building in Ballard.

We welcome the participation of new members and volunteers to help build a useful and valued community resource!

The Wheel of Tarot
with Kathy Eckert

As the Wheel of the Year turns, it brings gifts of spirit, and Tarot reveals these gifts to us
The Tarot classes still meet on Zoom,
Roughly 2 Sundays per month (dates determined by the schedules of the group members).
We meet from 1:30 PM Pacific Daylight time until about 3:30 PM.
Part of the $10.00 per session fee is donated to the library, our birthplace and inspiration.
This Tarot work is highly intuitive.
This individualistic approach means that one card may have a completely different meaning for each person, and the same card may have a different meaning for any person at different points in their own life.
For this reason, we welcome new people to join us anytime, whether they have been practicing Tarot for 30 years or have never picked up a Tarot deck before.
Contact Kathy at for more information and for the Zoom link.

Weird Science

First Friday, January 4, 7:30 pm
It is not necessary, but it helps if you contact Bill using the links below to pre-register


Meetings of Seattle's "weird sciences group" will take place the first Friday of each month and yes, the general public is very welcome to attend.


Email Bill at billb (@) and ask to be put on the Seattle weird-science email announcements list, or see

You can see his YouTube channel at
William J. Beaty
beaty, chem washington ed Research Engineer
billb (at) amasci (dot) com
UW Chem Dept, Bagley Hall RM74

Box 351700, Seattle, WA 98195-1700

Seattle Metaphysical Book Club

Book Club

Zoom Meetings, 2nd Mondays, 7 pm (we can review the time after the first meeting)
email Margaret to get the zoom link.
Current selection is The Dawn of Everything by Cavid Graeber and daid Wengrow

The beginnings of hierarchy, sovereignty, politics and inequality, starting from the early Neolitic through the mind-blowing opening brought about by the Age of Exploration, this book has an iconoclastic view of a dynamic and rapidly changing public and academic dialog.
They bring out current research on early Native American cultures, Neolithic cultures, and the origins of current societies around the world

Booq Club and Gathering

Are you an experienced practitioner of the occult and are tired of winging it solo? Feeling like it's time to find community in places outside of the internet?
Ready to interact and meet other mages who want to discuss and practice magick together?

My name is Lucy Gutierrez, and I will be facilitating an after-hours group at The Seattle Metaphysical Library focusing on occult study and discussion called BOOQ Club.
In this group, practitioners can come in and discuss all things magick with like-minded individuals. Topics will be personal, theoretical and/or the probable.

Practitioners from all paths are welcome, as a variety of perspectives deepens all conversations.
Respectful baby witches and beginner practitioners of magick are welcome to join, but this group is intended for people who have already done the necessary shadow work, have experimented alone, and are ready to move up in their practice.

We meet in-person in the library; and as a result, space is limited to the first 8 respondents.

Booq Club
If you are interested,email me,
We will pass the hat to help pay room rent.
Attendees are welcome to bring snacks and beverages so long as they clean up after themselves.
Hope to hear from you soon and let's try to make 2023 more magical, together

Visit John Cadman Sunday morning

Road trip to Bellingham to see John Cadman's Hydraulic Ram Pump Inspired by Giza Pyramid

We will reschedule this later

Email Staff (at) if you would like to be part of the discussion when we reschedule this trip.

Join us on our expedition to Bellingham to watch John Cadman's prgress.
He was been working for several decades on a Hydraulic ram pump that he postulates was part of the Great Pyramid at Giza - to pump Nile River to the Giza Plateau and help build the pyramids.

There are several lengthy interviews with him that you can find in a search engine, and also YouTube videos.

A few examples:

If you are intersted in joining us, contact Deirdre Burns: hydra2017 (at)