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Seattle Metaphysical Library Events

Click the picture for a map to the Library in Ballard.

Click the picture for parking information and street views of the building in Ballard.

As always, we welcome the participation of new members and volunteers to help build a useful and valued community resource.

Jungian Tarot Class Wednesdays

Tarot Shadows

Facilitated by Kathy Eckert, MSW

Wednesdays, 7 pm to 9 pm
$7 (half goes to the Library)

We will expand our discussion to include numerological correspondences to the healing aspects of the shadow cards, focusing on transforming their negative shadows into the mirror-image of that outward appearance - the tremendous healing energy available from facing and working with the shadows. As always, the approach is mainly intuitive and deeply individual, so no one coming for the first time would find that they are at a disadvantage.
A selection of Tarot decks is available, or you may bring your own.

The group has started a project to build a Seattle Metaphysical Library Tarot deck. If you would like to get involved with this, email Kathy at Kathy@seattlemetaphysicallibrary.org

Download Flyer

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations Book Group

Monday June 1, 7 pm
Free for members, $5 per session for the general pubic

This month's book is Atlantis: Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation, by Michael Tsarion.
Michael Tsarion is an ecclectic researcher who has taken the study of the origins of the human race back to the time when off-worlders landed on Earth and started manipulating DNA to create a slave race. Referencing Biblical texts, ancient texts from around the world and indigenous oral traditions, he recounts the story of rebellion, the creation of Atlantis and Lemuria, the struggle between the Serpent Masters and their created slave-race, resulting in a nuclear war that destroyed the technology of the Serpent Masters and almost destroyed Earth.

Dream Machine

Dream Machine

11 am Sundays by appointment

Other times are available, but we are next to a noisy theatre, and we've found that Sunday mornings are predictably the quietest. The quality of the sound is surprisingly important, so we try to schedule these events when there is not a lot of rowdy or dissonant activity going on around us.

The Dreamachine is a rotating cylinder on an old-fashioned record-player spinning 78 revolutions per minute. The cylinder has precisely cut out holes that produce a complex stobescopic effect when rotating around a bright light.

Besides the trippy visual effects the device is said to induce lucid dreaming and intense daydreaming. It promotes a trancelike serenity, intensifies creativity and insight and even uncovers suppressed memories.

The first hour will be for beginners, with shorter sessions. After the first hour, we will break, and those who want more in-depth experience can stay for a longer session.

Please bring a pillow to sit on. People who call and reserve a spot will be given priority if we have too many people. Only eight people can fit around the table.

To schedule an appointment email:

Dream Machine - Please note!
To ensure that people show up as scheduled, we ask you to pay for the tickets ahead of time.
You MUST contact the Library and arrange a date and time before this ticket is valid.
This form will take your money, and give you a ticket, but it is automated.
Unless you talk to a human, no one will know to show up!

Enter Qty at $10.00 per ticket: