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Seattle Metaphysical Library Events

Click the picture for a map to the Library in Ballard.

Click the picture for parking information and street views of the building in Ballard.

As always, we welcome the participation of new members and volunteers to help build a useful and valued community resource.

Bet Alef

Meditation for the Whole Family

Rabbi Olivier Benhaim of Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue

Sunday, October 12, 5:30 to 7 pm, free

Rabbi Olivier Ben Haim will introduce you to a transformative practice based on the millennia-old traditon of Kabbalistic Jewish meditation.

  • Guided meditation that is suitable for adults and kids
  • simple tools to incorporate het practice at home
  • No Judaic or meditation knowledge required
  • Appropriate for familile wtih children ages 4 and up

    Rabbi Olivier is a teacher of non-dual Judaism, anchored in Jewish tradition. He fosters a spiritual practice which includes guided and silent meditations, mystical chant, ecstatic music, song and dance.

    He is the Rabbi of Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue and the co-creator of B'yachad - a school of family spiritual learning.

    Bet Alef

    Ancient Civilizations Book Group

    Ancient Civilizations

    with Margaret Bartley

    7 pm Wednesday, Oct 22
    (October is the only month we'll meet on Wednesday, usually it will be the 3rd Monday)
    Free for members, $5 per session for the general pubic

    This month's meeting will be in two parts. The book we have been reading is Sacred Science, by Schwaller de Lubicz.
    This month's meeting will be on Wednesday, because Margaret will be attending the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, and she'll bring back a report on that. Some of the speakers include Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at Noetic Sciences will speak on supernormal science, Walter Cruttenden will speak on the rise and fall of civilizations - the Great Day, Robert Schock, the Boston University geologist who broke with academia to date the Sphinx back to at least the Ice Age, will speak on Gobekli Tepe, the 12 thousand year old Turkish site of amazing complexity and beauty, Hugh Newman will speak of the megaliths of Great Britain, and nine other speakers.
    Plus, we will be selelcting the book for the next month. Everyone with an interest in humanity's backstory is welcome.

    A brief discussion of our group, as this is a different kind of book group

    Academic archeology needs to be redefined.
    We have many books in our library discussing remnants of a high civilization that spanned the globe.
    Artifacts, skeletons, archeological remains, underwater cities, fossilized bones - the evidence keeps building of civilization with advanced technology and knowledge even our contemporary technicians do not have.
    Researchers have also found that the myths and legends of societies around the world have similar oral traditions that point to a time in the far past when technologically advanced civilizations knew a collapse was coming, and left clues for their descendents to decipher when those descendents became advanced enough to decode the messages.

    This is a book group that you can join, and do not have to do any reading!
    At least one person in the group will have read the book.
    The purpose of the group is to share the information in the book.
    Maybe you've wanted to read more about these ancient worlds, but get distracted, and never finish (or start!) the book.

    No problem - you don't have to! You just have to want to learn and discuss it.

    Dream Machine

    Dream Machine

    11 am Sundays by appointment (other times may also be available)

    The Dreamachine is a rotating cylinder on an old-fashioned record-player spinning 78 revolutions per minute. The cylinder has precisely cut out holes that produce a complex stobescopic effect when rotating around a bright light.

    Besides the trippy visual effects the device is said to induce lucid dreaming and intense daydreaming. It promotes a trancelike serenity, intensifies creativity and insight and even uncovers suppressed memories.

    The first hour will be for beginners, with shorter sessions. After the first hour, we will break, and those who want more in-depth experience can stay for a longer session.

    Please bring a pillow to sit on. People who call and reserve a spot will be given priority if we have too many people. Only eight people can fit around the table.

    To schedule an appointment email:

    Dream Machine
    Please note!: You MUST contact the Library and arrange a data and time before this ticket is valid.
    This form will take your money, and give you a ticket, but it is automated.
    Unless you talk to a human, no one will know to show up!

    Enter Qty at $10.00 per ticket: