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January 17, 2012

Speculari Training

Speculari Training

Developing Astral Senses by Methods of the Western Hermetic Tradition

taught by Jaxob Ophiuchi


Thursdays, January 19 and February 3

7:00 pm

$5 suggested donation

Topics will include: Scrying, Assumption of Forms, Building Thought Forms, Etheric, Astral and Mental Projection, Dream Magick and more...


Dream Machine

Dream Machine

Led by Jaxob Ophiuchi

Thursdays January 26, February 9 and February 23

7:00 pm

$5 suggested donation

The Dreamachine is a rotating cylinder on an old-fashioned record-player spinning 78 revolutions per minute. The cylinder has precisely cut out holes that produce a complex stroboscopic effect when rotating around a bright light.

Besides the trippy visual effects the device is said to induce lucid dreaming and intense daydreaming. It promotes a trancelike serenity, intensifies creativity and insight and even uncovers suppressed memories.

The first hour will be for beginners, with shorter sessions. After the first hour, we will break, and those who want more in-depth experience can stay for a longer session.

Please bring a pillow to sit on. People who call and reserve a spot will be given priority if we have too many people. Only eight people can fit around the table.


Movie Night is Monday, February 13

7 pm

We will show Kymatica, (


Of course you could stay home and watch it by yourself, but it’s so much more fun to watch videos with others, and then talk about them afterwards.

This event will be in a private home in the Wedgewood neighborhood, so the address will not be printed out publicly, but will be given in acknowledgement of your RSVP. You can RSVP here


Please bring food or beverages to share, if you choose.

The Rider Waite Court Cards & Jung’s Psychology

Teresa Lowery

Saturday morning, Feb 4



 Click here for more details on the website, or to purchase tickets on line.

            The practice of Tarot is seeped deep in historical tradition, as it is noted to have influenced great kings, queens, presidents, and first ladies. Readers utilize intuition to relay times of health and happiness to periods of death and transformation for clients. However, the section known as the Court Cards can be worrisome or difficult to some.

In this 2 ½ hour class, you will examine Jung’s psychological perspectives as it applies to this set of the cards. Learn the personality meanings of the symbols, tools, and subjects for better understanding of the participants/personalities appearing in Tarot reads. Packets, reading exercises, personality tests, and interactive teaching will be a part of this class. Bring your Rider Waite cards, but a few decks will be available for a reasonable price.


Gemstone Jewelry for Manifesting Intention


            For centuries, healing practitioners have known the power of using gemstones to cure certain ailments. This 2 ½ hour class will examine some of these practices and apply it to the fashion designs of jewelry today. Learn the meanings of the stones, how they can be combined to heal, produce intent, and manifest wellness. Additionally, each participant will learn the simple basics of designing a necklace for new beginnings. Beads and supplies will be provided, but please bring gemstone oracle cards. A few decks will be available to borrow, or new ones can be purchased for a reasonable price.

About the Instructor

            Teresa is a proven reader and teacher of many forms of tarot, psychology, philosophy, and Native traditions. Native American by descent, she uses her Cherokee roots to harness many different mediums in her readings. Her psychic abilities were apparent as a child, when she would have visions, and predict/dream future events. She combines the tools of intuition, gemstone manifestation, astronomy, and oracle cards into her individual readings. The Sacred Pathway, Animal Medicine, regular playing cards, and Gemstone cards are utilized for concise clarity. However, her pastoral training, native traditions, work experience, and academic education are also used to find the exact pathway the Universe has for you. 

As an Ordained Minister with four years of training in contemporary Christian, and Metaphysical belief systems, she has developed a keen understanding of various cultures and religions. Additionally, she has practiced social work, mental health counseling, and psychology for twelve years. 

Additionally, in the summer of 2011, The Owl’s Den an online community and store began and a creative website was unveiled. This event is a part of her mission to share her innate gifts with the community. The Owl's Den is an online metaphysical store specializing in products, services, and handcrafted jewelry. Each service, store item, or jewelry piece is designed to promote health, wellness, and positive energy for the individual and the universal community. It is expected to expand to two physical locations by late autumn of 2012. For more information visit:




Jacob Caldwell


The Aura of Attraction Workshop


Friday evening, Feb 17

7 pm to 9 pm





In the “The Aura of Attraction” Workshop, Jacob Caldwell, Medical Intuitive, will demonstrate how the Human Aura and the Law of Attraction work together. It is through our talents and traumas that a polarity is created which attracts the circumstances of our lives. When this polarity becomes too out of balance we begin to attract repetitive dramatic events around us. When we are able to recognize these patterns and accept our responsibility in any situation, then we become truly empowered and start to create a different outcome. We will then be able to increase our abundance, have drama-free relationships, and successful streamlined projects.

In this workshop everyone has a chance to participate in "The Aura of Attraction" survey and this will help you identify your personal polarity. Jacob will go over some of your results and help you identify patterns in your life that may be sabotaging your success


Jacob Caldwell is a local massage therapist and medical intuitive you may vaiew his website at.

,   and .


His YouTube video is at


For more information, and to sign up on line, visit the Events page of our website


Gordon Strong with local Celtic harpist Molly Bauckham


The Tarot in the Historical, Literary and Magical tradition

Friday, March 16 from 7 to 9 pm


The game of chess was once considered to be a distillation of all philosophy. The Tarot has the same qualities, and is part of the magical imagination. It is also a series of illustrations of magical philosophy. The common reality, what might be termed the mass consciousness, is very different from the universal mind. Beyond ordinary consciousness, separate from the material world (the superficial appearance of things) is The Divine Will, the force that determines what actually manifests on the material plane. The Tarot, in the hands of a gifted reader, connects with unconscious influences.  (more…)

Gordon Strong will be available for private Tarot readings on Saturday, March 17.


Also the same evening celtic harpist Molly Bauckham will treat us to her wonderful music. 

Her website, has a video of her beautiful playing.

Community Events

This next event looks very exciting.  I hope they get a good turnout!


What are you doing here? How do you live it?  The hidden creation histories of India and Native America give insight and inspiration to living with the Earth and cycles of creation.  They unfold into a future of vast promise.  Michael Cremo on Forbidden Archeology; Freddy Silva on The Coding of the Earth and Crop Circles; Krsanna Duran on The Universal Human; Mahala Flenniken on The Science of Astrology.

The Hidden History of the Human Race -

Michael Cremo

Today most scientists believe that human beings like us first appeared about 150,000 years ago, having evolved from more primitive apelike human ancestors. But many ancient wisdom traditions, including the ancient Sanskrit writings of India, tell us that humans like us have existed for many millions of years on earth, going all the way back to the very beginnings of the history of life. Michael Cremo presents archeological evidence consistent with these accounts. He documents discoveries of human artifacts, human bones, and human footprints many millions of years old. This opens up a question: if humans did not appear 150,000 years ago as a result of evolution from more apelike creatures, then where did humans come from? Before we ask that question we should first ask the question "what is a human being?" Today many scientists say that humans are just machines made of molecules. But if we look at all the scientific evidence it is more reasonable to say that a human being is a combination of three things: matter, mind, and consciousness. Originally, we are beings of pure consciousness. But we have descended into the realm of matter. The human form is specifically designed to enable us to make the journey back to the level of pure consciousness, from which we came.


The Coding Of The Earth - Freddy Silva 

For 8000 years our ancestors erected colossal temples around the world at locations where the magnetic properties of the Earth are enhanced. Indeed, temples such as Stonehenge and the Pyramids are not located haphazardly: they strategically mark the crossing points of an invisible, yet measurable, magnetic grid that encircles the Earth — points where the planet's 'data storage' can be accessed... or influenced.

Today, science sees these energies as fundamental in altering human states of perception and stimulating higher levels of awareness.

Since the late 19th Century, mysterious crop circles have materialized with ever increasing frequency beside these ancient markers in 29 countries. What's more, these rhythmic designs are appearing strategically along the same energy grid, and in the process have begun waking up ancient places that have lain dormant for centuries.

Crop circles are proven to alter the chromosomes of plants, of soil, and encode the very water we drink. But they may also altering human consciousness.

This is not fiction, it is fact. This lecture is a reminder of where we come from and a signpost to where we are headed.


The Universal Human, From The Garden To The Stars - Krsanna Duran

Departure from the Garden represents the maiden flight of humanity from its earliest beginning with ancestors from the stars.  The ancestor races evolved from the same universal code from which the oldest human species grew, many of whom have now left human evolution behind them to climb to even greater states within the universal code.  The most ancient emblem on Earth observed in modern UFO contact guides the search for Native America’s ancestors, those who returned to Mexico in 1991 in the most extensive UFO activity in modern history. 

Traces of Native America’s ancestors, the ancient astronauts, have often been dismissed as too impossibly ancient to believe.  And it is the factor of what can be perceived as reality or truth that is followed in this search for humanity through the manifestation of mind and the shamanic perspective in North America’s oldest pyramids, a temple of the human mind. 

Recent scientific discovery of super continents and new excavations at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey are examined in light of traditional lore from the remote corners of the Earth.  The search for The People Of Life, those who opened the tree of life to repopulate Native America, leads through Earth’s oldest cultures -- Egypt, Greece, India, Tibet and Mu, the motherland. 


The Science Of Astrology - Mahala Flenniken

Famous scientists Isaac Newton and Johan Kepler were astrologers. Modern-day scientist Maurice Cotterell and others posit the science of astrology. Cotterell talks about how the Sun affects the Earth. Others talk about how the electrical force of Uranus interacts with the magnetic force of Neptune, which affects everything on Earth. Uranus is electrical in nature and rules thought and insights that come out of nowhere. Neptune is a higher manifestation of Venus, the goddess. Neptune rules the magnetic force which is feelings and heart energy. Neptune will be the dominant planet in this new age as the Goddess reemerges. Neptune moves into its own sign Pisces on February 4, 2012.  She will speak about the effects of solar flares, coronal mass ejections (CME), eclipses, and the planets affect the Earth.


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