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Links to Free Video and mp3 archives, and full-text book libraries

free, full-text versions of classic literary plus magazine articles since 1983.

Online library of full-text books on a wide variety of subjects.

International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals

A private organization focused on the digital preservation of Spiritualist and occult periodicals published between the Congress of Vienna and the start of the Second World War

Rudolf Steiner Audio

Downloadable mp3s for about 160 of Steiner's books (full text) plus links to other Steiner resources.

WorldWatchers' Mae Brussell archive

Archive of many of Mae Brussell's radio show, "Dialogue:Fascism". Free to download.

The Schoyen Collection

An academic and educational resource from the private collection of Martin Schøyen. 840 manuscripts, more than 40 categories, topics and themes

Library of texts focused on the Holy Grail, Eurpean history between about 500 AD and 1500 AD, as well as the Gnostic Science of Alchemy.

Scroll down the Home page to get to the index for a collection of full-text OCR copies of books, many of which are rare, expensive or unavailable, mainly focusing on the hidden history, both occluded and ignored, as well as current resource links.

Free full-text online books on religion, folk-lore, mythology and esoterica

Free full-text online, downloadable books from the online Academy, to expose a history of the modern world that has not been seen before - the attempt by European corporations to conquor the world.
The Hidden Knowledge Course

Podcasts, books and articles discussing how to acquire freedeom.

Zoroastrianism is the world's oldest revealed religion. It is the foundation of the Western religions, and is contemporary with the most ancient eastern texts.

Radio EcoShock - Net’s largest green audio download site. - Prophecy Keepers

Interviews, videos and books for free download.

Chandra Telescope
Click here for images.

Free downloadable photos of deep space from the Chandra telescopy

Deadline Live Internet Radio with Jack Blood

mp3 archives of interviews with researchers, investigators, and interesting authors.

Velikovsky Archive

Full text of Velikovsky's unpublished works.

American Free Press

In-depth articles covering banksters and government attacks on natural health care.

Black Op Radio

mp3 downloads of interviews with investigative researchers with a Canadian perspective on US corruption and conspiracies.

Mike Hagan on Radio Orbit Several years of interviews by Mike Hagan at public radio in the midwest. Free mp3 downloads.

Red Ice Creations

Intelligent interviews with leading edge thinkers. mp3 downloads of the first hour are free, but many shows go on to a second hour, which is only available to paying members. The amount of information in the first hour is extensive, which is why it is included in this list.

Whale - Online Books

Full-text digitized books on politics, sexuality, conspiracy, health, UFOs, shamanic practices, mind control, etc.
Dozens of hard-to-find, useful books. Very useful site!

Don Lancasters' Patent Avoidance Library

Don Lancaster's tinkerer's treasure trove - how and why to avoid patents (Hint -they cost tens of millions of dollars to defend), tutorials and articles on all sorts of technologies available to the curious.

Building Knowledge When people start to understand that what they had been taught about themselves and the world around them is not true, that information has been specifically withheld, or distorted, that they have been deliberately conditioned to see themselves as much weaker and limited than they really are, they usually ask, "Well, what do I do now?"

As if someone else can tell them what their life's purpose is!

There are many ways to find your life-plan. We have a whole library full of resources to help you. These resources will suggest ways to meditate, to stop your monkey-mind chatter. Some will give suggestions to strengthen and reset the body, such that it will be able to hold the energy that courses through it when corporal barriers are broken. Some will suggest going out into nature, letting the harmonic rhythms of the planet reset your own biological rhythms. Some will suggest images of purity and highest ideals to venerate and worship.

It may be that your way is to ignore the world - pretend the destruction going on around is unimportant, or doesn't exist, or that magical thinking on your part will make it go away. You are the only one who can know whether this is your path, or not.

If you feel compelled to get involved in these world-changing events taking place around us, there are many ways to do so. One criteria might be to assess whether or not the people at events and meetings are people to bring in to your life. Another might be to question what you are learning. Another might be, "Does this path have heart?" Another might be, "Is this likely to have the effect I want? Am I just spinning my wheels?" Note that the first three, although they are the answer to, "What do I do about this?", are NOT questions about actually getting anything done! But they are all valid responses, and can be the true answer to the question about your life's work.

(Reminds me of my Grandmother's favorite aphorism: God works in mysterious ways.)

In real life, few of us can do much to affect the Big Picture. But if you are working your life's work, following The Spirit, doing your best to live God's plan, however you see that, your chances of living a meaningful life and making a meaningful contribution are much greater.

Your chances of actually doing something effective are also much greater if you are informed. Our Library is a Wonderful Thing, but there is so much more out there. Below are links to other sites, rich with information, available for download. We don't know how much longer this information will be available. Right now, busy minds are at work trying to figure out how they rein in the internet, restrict access, remove unwanted items and unwanted websites, and charge for the rest. Now, in the fullness of our time, is when we need to be gathering and harvesting this material.

Email if you have suggestions for additional links. Please includen in your email a site description and some favorite items.

Also, if anyone wants to volunteer to do a more thorough discussion of these sites, so our visitors have more than a listing, please contact us.

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