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One of the major benefits of the Library has always been the ability to meet people with similar interests away from the proselytizing atmosphere of sectarian libraries.
Another benefit of Library Membership is a featured link to your own website here in our directory.

This is a good opportunity to support members of our own community.

If you are a current member and would like to be listed, please contact us.

This is also a good place to see some of the magazines that publishers have donated to the library.

Sisiwiss Medicine - Johnny Moses
National UFO Reporting Center
www.Thrive-wise.com coaching
SOLYLUNA brings to the subject of Astrology over 30 years of professional practice and research in a wide range of metaphysical studies.

She is dedicated to helping others discover astrology beyond the daily horoscopes and to gain insights into how planetary alignments affect our realities. She integrates modern techniques and ancient wisdom teachings to shed light on the mysteries of cosmic proportion. All in order to gain a fuller perspective on current and past life lessons. Her greatest wish is to empower Seekers to clarify and manifest their highest potential.

She is available for classes in beginning astrology and horoscope synthesis. These could be held weekly-monthly for those who wish to learn and read astrology charts. Her focus through such work is to inspire each person to become more fully conscious of the purpose of their life, and how to navigate their unique path to fulfillment.

She is available for workshops, private tutoring, and professional consultations by phone or in person. Her intention is to shed light on their soul purpose, their Karma, in the present.





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